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News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Venice Vision Does YouTube to Explain Venice Median, Development

Venice Vision is a group of Venetians concerned about the development of the Venice Median Parking Lot — that large piece of land from Pacific to Dell between North and South Venice Blvd. This parcel of land has been considered City surplus  and has been designated for homeless housing.

Venice Vision has devoted a lot of time to bring you a website loaded with facts and articles pertinent to development of  the Venice Median at venicevision.org

The YouTube videos above take one thru this development process and explain what is planned or isn’t planned.   A major concern of the group is the refusal of the Venice Community Housing Corporation to make public their original application to build the housing.  The group claims that never in the history of Venice has there been a project developed this way.

There is a Petition regarding Venice Vision concerns on the website Home page under  “Take Action.”

Comments (11)

  1. Anonymous

    This is the problem. The people who vote for HHH didn’t realize it could end up in their backyard. Everyone has a bleeding heart until the consequences encroaches on their family, their real estate values, and their ideal life. Your morals lead you to vote for it, ironically what they meant when they voted was “lets house them anywhere except near my neighborhood”. Maybe the next Prop should raise money to put them all on busses and take them to Barstow. You can’t have it both ways.

  2. Billy Z is a LIAR A FOOL and A COWARD.

    Great Video.

  3. Jack Herman

    So which one of you is the guy who punched a wall at the end of the movie ?

  4. Anonymous

    As far as many of us are concerned, yes, this is a stupid waste of money that could be better spent in other ways & other places to help the homeless population of LA County, but what plans are there to deal with the growing population of the people coming here to live on the beach and in the streets? From what is being said by people who live near any of these intended projects is the fear that street camping, like on Rose & third will spread to surround the new facilities like what happened to Penmar when St. Joe’s moved their service center from Rose to Lincoln a few years ago, bringing the alley dwellers with them. Maybe residents would be more understanding if there was some sort of letter of intention about what is going to be done about all of the people who WON’T be getting to live in this expensive housing, but still expect to continue to live on the street. To promote these projects without addressing this is insulting and unfair.

    • Anonymous

      Please move homeless people out of Venice
      Why it’s very large tax dollars
      Why when business is booming
      Why chase it out.
      Keep it. Grow.

      • Billy Zanatakos

        Sorry, Venice is just not the playground for the rich to enjoy anymore.

        • Anonymous

          Billy you’re an idiot. Venice is only getting wealthier and you can’t stop it no matter how much you wine of hang out with Bonin and Celeste from St Josephs. Money always wins in the end. Folks paying 3 to 4 million for a home for their family are just NOT going to put up with a homeless encampment outside their house. Sorry dude, the bums lost. Deal with it.

    • James

      This is exactly right.

  5. Nick Antonicello

    Thank you for this.

    An eye revealing video.

    Another reason why we need cityhood for Venice.

  6. Billy Zanatakos

    NIMBY video won’t stop the project.

    • Charles Rosin

      We are about Not ONLY in our backyard. And certainly not on the Venice Median which is too valuable and too large a public property to be given away. Deal in facts. Not ideology please.

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