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Robin Rudisill to Debate 27 February

Candidate Robin Rudisill

Candidate Robin Rudisill

VENICE – Venice businesswoman and coastal advocate Robin Rudisill called a debate-about-debates “just nonsense,” after multiple press releases from the Bonin Campaign claimed she was considering withdrawing from a Mar Vista debate scheduled for 27 February.

Note: Venice Update was told Robin Rudisill had a schedule conflict on 27 February and would not be participating.

“I reluctantly concluded that I need to set the record straight,” she stated. “Unlike Mike Bonin, I will participate in as many debates as the public wants to schedule. 

“The fact is Bonin has refused to participate in a Pacific Palisades/Brentwood sponsored debate taking place 16 February claiming he had a conflict. I am hosting my daughter’s wedding reception at my home two days before the Mar Vista debate on 27 February and will have relatives staying with me, but I have not withdrawn.

“So I guess its fair to ask Bonin is his ‘conflict’ for 16 February debate really about the date, or is it the Brentwood location, where residents are upset about the Archer School expansion and other Bonin connected developments, or does he simply prefer to have the debate as late in the campaign as possible, after many vote-by-mail constituents have already mailed in their ballots? Perhaps Bonin’s handlers decided his best defense was a diversion.” 

Rudisill added, “But let’s stop this time wasting volley, start debating the issues and get some real work done!”

Comments (2)

  1. Nick Antonicello

    Bonin is avoiding debates like the plague.
    His high priced handlers who don’t live here and his out-of-town campaign donors fueling his political campaign are about retaining a failed Status Quo!
    Five and a half more years of Bonin means a $1,000,000 dollar contract that doesn’t include free health benefits or a newly vested pension upon retirement,. something Mike doesn’t want to discuss.
    Being on the LA City Council is the highest paid council in the United States! He makes more than a Member of Congress and has a full-time staff of sixteen city employees with most them earning in excess of $100,000!
    When you figure in retirement pension benefits for life and free healthcare, the value of this job to him is close to $2 million dollars!

    • Billy Zanatakos

      It doesn’t really matter if they debate. Bonin is going to win by a record landslide. Nobody ever shows up to these debates anyway.

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