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Bonin Letter Causes Controversy at CD11 Debate

By Angela Mcgregor

Mike Bonin may have been unable to attend the campaign last night at University Synagogue in Brentwood, but two Bonin campaign workers participated by standing outside  the venue and passing out copies of a letter from Mike’s campaign manager, Billy Cline.

The letter stated that the event was promoted and planned “long before anyone checked with Mike” and maintained that two of the event’s organizers were “outspoken supporters of one of Mike’s challengers” who “refused to explore other options.”   The letter also stated that both Mark Ryavec and Robin Rudisill “waffled” on participating in another debate which was organized for 27 February, and was referred to in the letter as the “real” debate.

According to some debate attendants, in addition to distributing the letters, the campaign workers also discouraged attendants from entering the venue.  They were stopped by members of the University Synagogue.

Sarah Conner, president of the Pacific Palisades Residents’ Association (one of the event’s organizers), introduced the debate by stating that  Bonin had been contacted in January, while the event was being organized, as to his availability. He stated, after several attempts, that he was “busy until after the campaign,” contrary to what was stated in the letter.

Note:  Venice Update was told that Robin Rudisill had not agreed to the 27 February debate.

In other debate-related developments, Rudisill issued a press release at the event, titled “Why won’t Bonin debate anywhere but his home turf in Mar Vista?” In it, she stated that Bonin’s press releases stating she was considering withdrawing from the 27 February debate were “just nonsense.”

“I am hosting my daughter’s wedding reception at my home two days before the Mar Vista debate on February 27th and will have relatives staying with me, but I have not withdrawn,”  she stated.  Rudisill also questioned whether Bonin’s “conflict” with the 16 February debate was about the date, or the “Brentwood location, where residents are upset about the Archer School expansion and other Bonin-connected developments.”

Mark Ryavec, the third candidate for city council, CD11, has yet to respond to whether he has also reconsidered participating in the 27 February debate.



Comments (3)

  1. Billy Zanatakos

    Bonin so far is leading in the polls. His campaign promise to end homelessness is what the people of CD11 want.

  2. Anonymous

    It is silly to complain about a politician just being a contemporary politician. Bonin is not well liked all across the district by people who see the negative affect his office has had in their particular neighborhoods. Ryavec and Rudsil are virtually unknown outside of Venice, and since Mikey’s office has determined that Ryavec is the REAL opponent, have attacked him on other websites and newsgroups as an authoritarian (Nazi) homeless hater and pro-development because he added a story to the garage on his historic home. The problem is that most people in CD11 are hard at work making the moola needed to live here, and often listen to what the local Democratic party puts in the mailbox. To those who have lived here for a while, we see that is is not much like his predecessor, Bill Rosendahl, but more like his dictatorial old boss, Councilwoman Ruth Galanter from the “Keep Venice Funky” days – Too bad the opposition is split – Both better options than Bonin. Looks like just another “insiders ball.”

  3. Nick Antonicello



    In the alternative, “fake news” world of Councilman Mike Bonin, he thinks debating about debates is more important and relevant then actually attending a debate and facing his opponents face to face and head-on.
    Instead in true Bonin fashion, he has his political cronies hand out this letter complaining about an actual debate he refused to attend!
    He then infers that one of the organizers was supporting one of his opponents! Is that any different then the plethora of Democratic Clubs that all endorsed Bonin’s reelection without hesitation or serious inspection of the two other Democrats in the race, Mark Ryavec or Robin Rudisill?
    You see, the Bonin campaign is a literal “four-corner stall,” intentionally designed NOT TO DEBATE anyone, while simultaneously claiming he was not invited or unfairly treated which is blatant lie!
    Bonin is simply gutless, and afraid to debate his Venice opponents because a debate can do him no good, just political damage.
    His miserable four-year record is failed, flawed and fruitless in terms of any real accomplishment or achievement that he can point with any sense of credibility in this hollow governmental resume as an elected official.
    The bottom-line is that Bonin is terrified of having to compete in a runoff should he not receive 50% plus one!
    A runoff would create a one-on-one race that will consolidate all the anti-Bonin forces under one political roof and derail his inflated ego and political ambitions that border on the absurd.

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