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Mark Ryavec Answers CD11 Council Seat Questions Via YouTube

Mark Ryavec, who is running for the CD11 Council Seat, has set up twelve youtube questions and answers for residents to listen to in order to get his views on subjects, such as Ballona Wetlands, taking contributions from developers, on homelessness, on traffic and more.  Two of the videos are around four minutes but the others are one minute or less.   Get to know your candidate.

In one of the videos, he states that he will be a one-term councilman because the next term will be 5-1/2 years and he feels he can accomplish what he wants within that time limit.  Here are eleven of the 12.

Comments (3)

  1. John mcmanamy

    Got an email from the new Captain commanding Pacific Division. LAPD will enforce the new 85.02 no sleeping in cars or RVs on Venice Streets.
    Simply call the Pacific Duvision or 1 800 ASKLAPD and they will send a squad car over to the RV and get them to move
    Let’s all get on the band wagon and clean up our streets.

    On another note the MYLA311 app for your phone is the easiest was to make a service request like removing graffiti. The graffiti guy will not remove any graffiti unless it is reported-he only gets paid by the report so he doesn’t remove any Grafitti that is not reported.
    Download the app and lets clean this mess of a town up.

    • reta

      You go John. Thanks for the call to do.

    • Bruce

      Good point John on the MYLA311 app – it is easy to attach photos of either graffiti or illegal dumping. Totally concur regarding the removal – only the graffiti that is specifically identified is removed – photos work best! Removal normally happens within a few days of being reported.

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