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It wasn’t just a show, it was “Tommyland” at Venice Beach; Guests were “California Dreaming”

Gigi Hadid and Tommy Hilfiger take final bows after their 2017 Spring Show at Venice Beach

Gigi Hadid and Tommy Hilfiger take final bows after their 2017 Spring Show at Venice Beach

By Jazmin C. Raymond, Editorial Stylist, Graduate Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM)

Tommy Hilfiger, along with co-designer and model, Gigi Hadid, debuted his latest work pre-New York Fashion Week (NYFW) at Venice Beach last Wednesday night. Tommyland Spring Showing 2017 (SS17) was Hilfiger’s first time ever showing on the West coast and was one of the few major brands to take a production of this magnitude outside of NYFW

It wasn’t just a show, it was Tommyland! Guests were “California dreaming” at the beachfront carnival equipped with live music, #TommyNow stage, street performers, pop-up shops, skaters, food trucks, rides and tickets were made to look like backstage passes. All ending with a live performance from internationally know Grammy winning artist, Fergie at the after party. Major festival vibes were happening.

The theme of the collection had millennial viewers feeling a bit nostalgic when threads of all-American 90’s sportswear infused with stars and stripes strutted down the runway. Denim and patchwork were at an all time high along with classic prep, hand embroidery and a hint of western hippy.

The first look featured muse, Hadid showing off the iconic Hilfiger logo with a young, edgy appeal. Tupac’s “California Love,” serenaded the streets of Venice as the 55 looks hit the runway. The looks consisted of patchwork coordinates, effortless maxi dresses, biker boots, leather lace up shorts, skinny jeans, colorful windbreakers, multi-button mini skirts, varsity jackets, cropped bombers, preppy cardigans, oversized sweatshirts, textile wedges, boyfriend jeans, stripped shorts, track & field one pieces, denim trench coats and metallic leather biker jackets. Of course Hadid opened and closed the show.

The Tommy show paid homage to the American flag and remixed tradition to appeal to the social media generation in a cooler more trendy way. The see-now-buy-now aspect is an enjoyable perk for young & old customers to leave the show with some of the same apparel the models wore on the runway.

Vogue says, “Though the consumer-facing, see-now-buy-now format might have disrupted the fashion system, it has leveled the playing field for consumers who are invited to enjoy the experience”. Customers can watch the show live from the comfort of their homes or coffee shop and proceed to online ordering directly from the runway. This has forever revolutionized the fashion industry in countless ways especially when fashion has been deemed very exclusive in the past.

The show.

The grand finale.

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  1. Ms. Mercedes

    I didn’t know you did fashion articles. I loved it!! This was fun!
    more, more, more…..

  2. Debra

    What a great article! Excellent descriptions of the latest “fashion designs”. Makes me want to go shopping. Thanks Jasmine for the fashion experience!!

  3. Nicole Beverly

    This article was so amazing. It was so easy for me to escape while reading this, and imagine myself there …
    Good Job to the Writer for!!!

  4. DJ

    Article is fresh! Really felt like being backstage!

  5. Leslie

    The see-now-Buy-now is a refreshing concept that is geered toward the consumer.

  6. reta

    Yes, to all of you. It is a great article. Loved the comment about “being there.” That was my comment after reading her article and after having accompanied her to the event. It was like I was really seeing what I had seen.

    Fashion has its own vocabulary and tempo and Jazmin did a great job putting it to paper. She has a great future doing this type writing. FDIM did a special favor for me in selecting her to cover the story. Thank you FDIM. Thank you Jazmin.

  7. Denise

    Great job!! It was so vivid it felt like we were there.

  8. Leroy

    Please do more fashion articles – this was great!!

  9. Denise

    What a refreshing article. Great writing! Looking forward to the next fashion piece.

  10. Jasmine

    Nice article I felt as if I was there !!!

  11. Great article! Everyone looked great and vibrant.

  12. Denise

    What a great article!! Not used to seeing fashion pieces but this was fun and made me feel like I was there!!

  13. Monique

    Great article! This event is as carefree and fun as Tommy Hilfiger’s fashions.

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