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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

LAMC 85.02 “Sleep-in Vehicle” Maps Have Changed

Council office reported that maps governing enforcement of LAMC 85.02 have been updated by City Planning and the City Attorney and referred the reader to City website. The map for Venice was not there; Council office supplied the versions shown for both complete Pacific Division and Venice.

Taylor Bazley, Venice deputy, wants it to be known that these changes to the map are errors being caught.

Kip Pardue has printed the map and is pasting it on dwellers windows with a few words. He says it is illegal to sleep overnight in area per LAMC 85.02. LAPD has been notified. Please move to green areas where vehicular dwelling is permitted.

Pacific Area Community Police Station 020317_000001
This is for all of the Pacific Division.

This covers Venice and a little more.

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