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VNC Homeless Committee Passes Three Motions; Dennison Discusses Venice Median

By Angela Mcgregor

Homeless Committee of Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) passed three motions at their Monday meeting held at the Venice Community Housing office (VCH) on Rose. Becky Dennison, VCH director, gave a talk regarding the Venice Median project.

The 3 motions, all passed unanimously, were:

1. Reduce, Return, Re-house (proposed by Matt Shaw)

Recommendation that the VNC adopt the following principles and aims to support programs that

– REDUCE the number of new homeless people coming here or becoming homeless in Venice
– RETURN those willing and able to go home
– RE-HOUSE with priority (elderly, families, single mothers, veterans, teens, mentally ill)

The idea behind this resolution was to place the Council’s priorities behind programs and organizations that reduce the overall homeless population in Venice. These include the enforcement of laws, the reunification of homeless with family members (where appropriate), discouraging street donations and supporting service donations and supporting local service organizations which enable the un-housed to get off the streets.

2. Motion to allow Section 8 vouchers for rooms in private homes

The Committee recommended to the VNC that it recommend that the city of Los Angeles agree to allow Section 8 vouchers to be used to pay for single rooms in private residences to pre-approved homes to individuals registered in the Coordinated Entry System.

3. Reimbursement to families housing homeless family members.

The Committee recommended that the VNC recommend that the city of Los Angeles agree to create a program and put aside funds pay a set amount of funds to families housing homeless individuals who have been properly registered through the Coordinated Entry System. This was passed as a pilot program specifically focused on homeless in Venice with family members throughout greater Los Angeles.

All three motions were, according to Committee Chair Will Hawkins, aimed at housing currently un-housed members of the Venice community as soon as possible, by focusing on currently available resources. The motions will, he hopes, “start a conversation” at the City Attorney’s office, as did the Committee’s Mobile Storage Proposal. The motions will now be added to the agenda for the VNC’s February meeting.

Following the regular meeting, VCH Becky Dennison and Linda Lucks led a discussion with the committee regarding development of the Venice & Dell lot. Dennison stated that the VCH was open to any and all suggestions for its use, including mixed-use and the inclusion of a community center. Despite prior statements by the Chief Administrative Office that the lot would be zoned R-3 (exclusively high-density residential), she maintained that the zoning for the development is still open for discussion.

Comments (2)

  1. Billy Zanatakos

    Bonin has his plan and I am very glad he won’t be swayed by public opinion no matter what when it come to housing for the homeless. He is truly the councilmen for the homeless in Venice.

  2. Anonymous

    This Committee has worked hard to get things done. It’s too bad Mike Bonin ignores that fine work.

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