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Homeless Committee Adopts Three R’s As Guidelines — Reduce, Return, Re-house

Reduce, Return, and Re-house were the self-imposed guidelines, principles established by and for the Homeless committee of the Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC). A motion to effect this will be made at the next VNC meet.

“This is who we are and this is where we are going,” said Will Hawkins, chair of the Homeless Committee. “Since appointed, we’ve been busy responding to situations and patching immediate issues presented to us and this prohibited our committee from having the chance to define what our direction and goals were.”

Will and Matt Shaw have worked to establish these principles and have written a motion to have these three R’s adopted as the guiding force for VNC and their programs. They are explained below in more detail.

REDUCE the number of unhoused people living in the streets

    Support affordable housing in Venice
    Reduce new homeless migrating to Venice
    Reduce access to drugs
    Reduce criminal and gang activity
    Support basic enforcement – noise, drinking, and LAMC 41.18, 56.11, and 85.02
    Support programs that give preference to people in CES

RETURN approximately 30 percent (according to SPY meeting this year) of people on the street who could be returned to friends or family

    Support programs that reunite homeless with friends and family
    Support programs that help send folks home
    Support programs that give preference to those engaged in process of getting off the street
    Reduce street donations – support cash donations to Venice service providers instead
    Support basic enforcement – noise, drinking, LAMC 41.18, 56.11, 85.02

REHOUSE with priority

    Elderly, families, single mothers, veterans, mentally ill, teens
    Support services that get people ‘housing ready’ – Lava Mae Showers, Drug Rehab, Job Training
    Support housing strategies for Venice Homeless

Comments (5)

  1. Steven Burns

    I am pleased the first “R” was spelled out. Since the city declared a “homeless crisis” I have not heard a word from our councilman, the city or activists about attempting to reduce the movement to Venice of homeless individuals. A crisis is like a hole, if you are trying to get out of it, the first step is to stop digging!

  2. Billy Zanatakos

    I hope to see an interim plan to distribute sleeping bags, tents, food, and institute storage and bathroom facilities. Living on the streets of Venice are harsh. We need to make it more comfortable for the homeless till Bonin builds the housing.

  3. John Reese

    I would prefer the committee adopt a housing first approach in line with what most experts recommend. This seems like a step backwards.

  4. Sherry Standham

    Will Hawkins violates the Brown Act again. Hard to remember such rules when you are so busy taking selfies!

    • Will

      How did I violate Brown Act? This post is nothing more than a report from the last homeless committee meeting. And I’m not busy taking selfies…but I am busy attending at any one of these monthly meetings…like the Adcom meeting, or Venice Forward Meeting, or the Public Safety Meeting, or the LAPD CPAB meeting, or the Homeless Committee Meeting or maybe the C3 Meeting or maybe possibly the Mayor’s Office Homeless Task Force meeting and of course the Venice Neighborhood Council meeting. And let’s not forget about my day job running an ad agency. Anyway…Doubt I’ve seen you at any of the above meetings. But who would know with you hiding behind a fake name? Crawl out from under that rock and I’ll send you some selfies while I’m working with other volunteers to solve the many issues we face in this community. Better yet…come to a meeting and I’ll take one with you.

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