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Bonin to Call for More Neighborhood Cops


LOS ANGELES – City Councilmember Mike Bonin will appear at a press conference and rally with Westside neighbors, Los Angeles police officers and local police union officials at the Ahmanson Recruit Training Center in Westchester on Thursday to announce his plans to add more patrol officers to Los Angeles’ neighborhoods.

Bonin will unveil statistics showing how the Los Angeles Police Department has de-emphasized the importance of neighborhood patrols over the past several decades — despite repeated calls for and promises of community policing.

“Too often, I hear from constituents that they rarely see a patrol car in their neighborhood, or that it takes LAPD too long too long to respond to an emergency call. Our neighborhoods deserve better. We need more patrol officers. In Westside neighborhoods, and in neighborhoods around the city,” Bonin said. “On Thursday, I am unveiling a plan to make that happen. With neighbors, cops, and police union officials at my side, we are going to insist that the LAPD allocate resources properly, to patrol units, so that the department can best protect and serve our residents and our neighborhoods.”

WHAT: Rally for more police on the Westside

WHO: Councilmember Mike Bonin

Westside Neighbors

Sgt. Jeretta Sandoz, Vice President, Los Angeles Police Protective League

WHERE: LAPD Ahmanson Recruit Training Center

5651 W Manchester Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90045

WHEN: Thursday, January 19, 2017

12:00 pm


Comments (17)

  1. Billy Zanatakos

    The only way Bonin is going to leave CD11 is when he becomes Mayor.

  2. Anonymous

    BONIN is scared of losing. Now 2 months before re-election he’s proposing more police so he can ensure re-election. WE residents are sick of living in a dangerous slum and will vote this bum (Bonin) out. Sorry dude. Venice is changing and the social services folks are not in sufficient numbers to stop this. Bonin has poked the bear (residents w money) and now he’s toast and i’m glad.

  3. Billy Zanatakos

    More cops can cut both ways. People think they just target the homeless. Remember the homeless can’t generate income from fines. But the residents will be a gold mine of revenue for the city. At least the homeless have Carol Sobel to file lawsuits on their behalf that has and will continue to cost the taxpayers millions. The truth is Venice really doesn’t have that much crime to warrant more police. So the police will be very busy going after the residents to generate income for the city. That Bonin is Brilliant. What the residents need to know affordable and supportive housing is more effective and much cheaper in the long run. Plus it brings more diversity to the Venice community.

    • Anonymous

      “The truth is Venice really doesn’t have that much crime”

      Billy, you are an idiot. Venice is swimming in property crimes and violent attacks. More police is exactly what we need. It’s Mad Max on OFW and very scary. The sense of lawlessness that Bonin has created here is insane and dangerous for residents and children.

  4. Anonymous

    Uhhhhh, Then why are we paying property taxes? For no police protection? For a clean and safe community? For an acceptable level of big development? For lower property values? For improved traffic and parking? Instead, we get beat up streets filled with drunks and druggies, a promise of more cops who can’t do much without attracting lawsuits, storage for dumpster diving treasures, and mobile showers for people from Anywhere USA. Yes, he will probably win again but Bonin is BAD for Venice and turning it back into a slum by the sea. Bonin is creating the front lines of a class war in Venice. Sad situation

  5. Palisades Paul

    Mr Bonin is only telling the voters of CD 11 what he thinks they want to hear. Maybe instead of spending 10 million to defend criminal illegals and the hiring of an ‘Illegal Advocate” why not hire a few more cops.
    Truth is most cops are already putting in long overtime hours trying to keep those 160 cars on the streets.

  6. Billy Zanatakos

    Bonin knows it is not right to enforce laws that are designed to criminalize the homeless. The homeless are persecuted enough by the Venice vigilantes. I really don’t think Bonin’s decision to bring in more police, is to go after the homeless and criminalize them further. Like some poster would have you believe that you can shot the homeless for trespassing on private property. The homeless have the same right to police protection as do the residents. This is what Bonin has recognized in instructing the police to stand down and this is the very reason why the homeless seek refuge in Venice. The police will at Bonin’s direction make the homeless safe to live in encampments and to wander onto private property without the fear of being shot or arrested.

    • Jack Herman

      Billy you can shoot anybody who is trespassing on your property, not just the homeless.

    • Anonymous

      WRONG again Billy. In every state in America including CA, at a minimum, we all have the right to “stand our ground” when its in our homes or on the property of our home. If a homeless or transient is threatening you or attacking you in your home or on your home property, you DO NOT have to flee. You have the right to stand your ground and defend yourself with deadly force if necessary, as long as its proportionate to the threat – as perceived by you. So don’t go scaring Venice residents into thinking they can’t use force to defend ourselves against these violent drug addicts when they breach our gates and come onto our property to steal or rape us.

    • Anonymous

      NOBODY has the right to “wander onto private property” – whether you’re homeless or not. Period. This idea that Bonin is emboldening homeless and transients to erode centuries of property rights is an outrage. PLEASE direct all transients to the Bonin’s doorstep in Mar Vista and see how much he likes people terrorizing his family, crapping on his lawn and stealing his personal property.

  7. Anonymous

    Bonin is really shady. The encampments have become so much worse in the last few years. I talked to a police officer when a homeless guy refused to leave my car port a few weeks ago. He said that he had been instructed by Bonins office NOT to enforce any homeless related laws. Why have more cops if they’ve been instructed not to follow the law?

  8. Billy Zanatakos

    Makes good sense, Venice needs more police to protect the homeless from agitators who are constantly harassing and criminalizing them. That’s why the majority of Venice is very grateful to have Bonin and he will definitely win CD11 by a landslide in March.

  9. Anonymous

    WOW – Bring in more officers who will stand down because of the lawsuits from Santa Monica attorney Carol Sobel. Now that’s a dilly!!! They can write traffic and parking tickets to help fill City coffers, while the homeless encampments grow and grow. What is wrong with this picture?

  10. Venice Business Owner

    He is joking right?
    I mean I have personally asked him for more patrol officers in Venice and he stated that there are just not enough officers.
    Now that he’s running for re-election he comes out to get us more cops.

  11. Anonymous

    The guy has been a councilman for four years and now he decides we need more cops?

    Can it get anymore political just weeks before his reelection?



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