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Dennison Adds 24 January to Venice Median Discussion

By Becky Dennison, Director of Venice Community Housing

This email is to announce an additional date for community engagement related to the potential affordable and permanent supportive housing development at the parking lots at Venice-Dell-Pacific.

Next Tuesday, January 24th at 6:30 pm at Venice Community Housing, 720 Rose Avenue in Venice, we will hold an Informational Session to answer community members’ questions about the development team and the process for development at Venice-Dell-Pacific.

Based on input received to date, we understand there is a need for a question and answer session.  We want to be sure that we answer remaining questions to clarify what the process has been to date, the process going forward, and help people get the information they want in order to give meaningful input on any potential project.  Topics could include:


  • The characteristics and past experience of the development team
  • Non-profit community development corporations:  What are they and how are they different from for profit developers?
  • The process for the City’s Requests for Proposals/Qualifications in the Affordable Housing Opportunity Sites (the program that approved the Venice-Dell-Pacific site)
  • Details about affordable and permanent supportive housing: Who can be housed?  How is it financed?
  • Information about existing affordable and permanent supportive housing developments in Venice and throughout the City
  • The future public approval process for any proposed development at this site
  • Other questions and topics of interest to attendees


Please note that we will not be able to answer questions about what we are proposing to develop on this site, as there is no specific proposal at this point.  As a reminder, the City’s program requires any proposed development to include affordable and permanent supportive housing as well as all existing public parking.  For details beyond that, we are in the process of preparing a draft proposal, based on the results of community input, and plan to have that ready sometime in February.  We will hold additional meetings and informational sessions when there is a specific proposal to consider and provide feedback on.





Comments (3)

  1. Lee

    Why the move to Rose Ave.? Inconvenient to residents near the Venice median and no parking available. Or is that the plan?

  2. Billy Zanatakos

    The only question is how fast will Bonin be able to expedite the project. I really don’t see much opposition, we are all in agreement we are in desperate need of affordable housing in Venice. Especially for the chronically mentally ill. People really need to understand why Bonin is choosing Venice. In Venice, he will encounter the least amount of resistance than anywhere in the city.

    • Venice Business Owner

      I would suggest that if you held a plebiscite the outcome would be a resounding “NO”
      Most people I talk to are angry that Bonin has not presented this proposal to the VNC. Furthermore we realize this will do nothing to get Venice homeless off the streets.

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