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Activist Robin Rudisill, City Council Seat Candidate — Platform, Work Biography

Candidate for CD11 City Council seat Robin Rudisill will be on the ballot 7 March. She is one of the two candidates for this position other than incumbent Mike Bonin. Following is her platform and biographical sketch.



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  1. Lee

    I will not be supporting Robin for city council due to the complete bungling of proposed changes to Venice FAR and Mass, Scale restrictions proposed by her committee. The committee had years to come up with a workable plan, but tried at the last minute before a new VNC election to put forth an ill conceived and seemingly poorly researched proposal that they wanted to push through before the election. Did any one take into consideration the size of some Venice lots and what a .50 FAR would have meant to home owners of those lots? It seemed not. In my opinion they also overreached in trying to regulate design esthetics at the same time. I believe these issues were why she lost reelection to the VNC, but in true poor loser form she filed 5 challenges to the election. Not the person I would want to see on City Council.

    • Darryl DuFay

      If you are referring to the Venice Neighborhood Council’s Ad Hoc “Mass, Scale, and Character” committee, it was chaired by Sue Kaplan. The Venice Coastal Zone, west of Lincoln Blvd, which encompasses the Venice Specific Plan, NEVER had a Floor Area Ratio (FAR). The proposed new FAR was .45.

      • Lee

        I’m aware of that, but it fell under the purview of the LUPC Committee didn’t it? And Robin was the chairperson at the time. I apologize if I’m incorrect, but at the time the Mass, Scale and Character rules were being proposed I thought Robin was involved or at a minimum was pushing for it to be passed.

        • reta

          It was an ad-hoc committee of the Venice Neighborhood Council and headed by Sue Kaplan. Those are the facts.

        • Nick Z

          MSC was Sue Kaplan. However, Robin did voice support for the report and thought the VNC should adopt it, including the language around the FAR. She wrote a long letter on the subject on this website (just search Rudisill and scroll down a bit it was 5/29/16). She acknowledges that FAR in Venice is a tough metric to use, but wanted the VNC to adopt it anyway. My opinion on her is that Robin is not a total anti-development candidate, she just opposes development that she or people who have her ear don’t like – sort of like a self appointed design review board. If the VNC adopted a FAR recommendation that pretty much any new development would violate, it could be used as an argument at the Coastal Commission, Robin’s favorite venue, to say “the people of Venice, speaking through their elected VNC, oppose this project because it’s too big”.

  2. Jack Herman

    You don’t need a “permit” to throw a party in Venice. This isn’t the Soviet Union.

  3. Anonymous

    Robin Rudisill has NO INTEGRITY. She illegally renovated her beachside home near the Venice pier without permits and hosts unpermitted parties all the time.

    • Anonymous

      To leave such a comment as yours “anonymously” begs the question of your conviction to integrity, or lack there of.

    • reta

      My apologies to Robin. This anonymous slipped thru. Can kill it if you wish. But I am here to tell all that Robin Rudisill does have integrity in all dealings that I have had with her and all I know about. That is not a question. Furthermore, she did not renovated her beach house without permits and does not host outrageous parties with or without a permit. My apologies again for letting this slip thru. I kill more than 50 percent.

  4. John mc manamy

    One huge problem is that the Venice homeless probably will not get to live in the homeless housing proposals.
    The residents will come from all over the county where some 45000 reside on the streets.
    Further problem is why is the City of Los Angeles using city funds to build housing to house Los Angeles County homeless?

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