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Triangle Resident Reports Incident


Note: Watchful neighbors are the best tool against crime.

One resident of the Oxford Triangle reported the following

Friday morning at about 6:30am, I got a call from my neighbors saying someone had opened the gate on the side of my house and was going into my backyard. By the time I got out there, the neighbor had already confronted the guy, and he was in the street with his bicycle. According to the trespasser, he was simply looking for a safe place to park his bike while he walked someplace else for breakfast. Of course, none of that made any sense. I didn’t call the police, as I didn’t think they would do anything. In retrospect, I regret not doing so.

Comments (14)

  1. Billy Zanatakos

    Jack now who is being the moron. I think you are, Shooting an unarmed man who wanders into your backyard is murder. Even if you catch him stealing. It will land you in prison for a long time. Even if you manage to beat the rap with a fancy lawyer the civil suit will leave you broke. It’s your castle alright a sand castle.

    • Nick Z

      I have to agree with Billy, for once, on this comment. You can’t kill people just because they are on your property uninvited, even if they are there with an intent to steal. The legal standard is somewhat of a grey area, but you have to be physically threatened to get away with it. If you come outside, see someone trespassing, they start to run away and you shoot and kill them, you will get some kind of murder charge. You are in your rights to confront them, and if they escalate it and you shoot them, then that could be considered self defense. You do have a right to escalate on your property by challenging a trespasser, although the police would advise you not to.

      • Nick Z

        I realize I broke my own advice on responding to Billy, but for once he made somewhat factual statement. Don’t want anyone thinking they can shoot people over a bike or iPhone.

  2. Jack Herman

    Billy, In this case I agree with everybody else. You’re being a moron. #1. Why would the guy walk to breakfast if he had a bicycle ?
    #2. Why would he (or anybody else) think it was okay to enter somebody elses’ property ?

    I know we’re all innocent until proven guilty but in this case I think it is pretty safe to conclude that the reason this guy was in this backyard was because he was looking for something to steal. And if the owner of the property had encountered him and shot him ? Well guess what ? He would have been within his rights to do so. A man’s home is his castle and if somebody trespasses into that castle the owner has the legal right to shoot him. It’s one of the oldest laws on the books.

  3. Billy Zanatakos

    reta, never said it was legal or illegal to enter private property without permission. The police will not arrest people unless no trespassing signs have been posted. If you don’t want the homeless walking through your gate, common sense dictates lock the gate.

    • reta

      You are wrong. Call LAPD.

      • VeniceMom

        No one should respond to “Billy Z the fake.” He’s an idiot who doesn’t have a life except to harass decent people. His comments are so outrageous and stupid that one cannot help but respond to him but it only encourages him and feeds his pathetic ego. I’m done commenting on anything “little Billy the coward and fake” says and I think any logical person on Veniceupdate should as well. I know it’s tempting but it only gets him off.

      • VeniceMom

        Hi Reta. I know you! You’re wonderful, bright and well-informed, unlike “Billy the fake”. If we don’t engage him, he should disappear because his pathetic ego won’t be stroked. He’s not worth anyone’s time!

  4. Billy Zanatakos

    Anonymous, When did being a transit become a crime? Would you feel better if the guy was beaten senseless for wandering onto the neighbor’s property? Maybe it’s a crime from the world you come from, but in the real world, it’s not. I can only imagine the sign on your property must read. Only white people with six-figure incomes can enter. This is Venice Anonymous, I hope you remember to lock your BMW, cuz I wouldn’t want a transit wandering in and dropping a deuce in the driver’s seat.

    • reta

      It is against the law to enter private property without permission. It doesn’t matter whether you have a sign or not. You color all your statements with black, white, homeless, haves and have nots. The commenter was trying to explain what had happened to him and to allow others to be aware of this person who supposedly felt he could enter private property without permission.

      Entering private property without permission is illegal.

    • Anonymous

      Mr Z, You are truly a jackass – Who made you the spokesman of Venice? So what you are saying is that anything goes in Venice and laws do not apply because transients are all OK and to make them observe the laws is somehow racist and discriminating against the poor??? Oh, and if you don’t desire questionable, unknown, bums from all over the country getting in your shit or getting in your face, you should take your “wealth” and move to a gated community in Orange County and leave Venice for people, many with substance and mental issues, who masquerade as homeless and a large minority population who no longer live here. I guess when Bonin and you true believers ruin the town for the present residents and the rents and property values drop, the “poor” people will move back? Truly a jackass.

  5. Billy Zanatakos

    I am trying to figure out what the guy did other than trespassed onto your property without permission. Unless you have no trespassing signs posted. Not much the police can do. Just to be on the safe side post a sign no bike parking as well.

    • Anonymous

      Mr Z posted: “I am trying to figure out what the guy did other than trespassed onto your property without permission” Gee Billy boy, I guess than it is alright with you that unknown transients wander around on anyone’s property with abandon – YOU PROPERTY CONFISCATING COMMUNIST!!! Laugh it up boy… Your time is coming…

  6. john mc manamy

    Call, call, call. Squeaky wheel gets greased. Officers tell me the only way to get more officers in Venice is to overwhelm them with calls for service.
    Apparently it skews the statistics when it takes an hour to respond to a call and as such more resources are assigned here.

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