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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Bonin Kicks Off Campaign for Re-Election

Councilman Mike Bonin kicked off his 2017 re-election campaign for the CD11 Council seat at the Coffee Grinder 7 January in Mar Vista.  Senator Ted Lieu, California State Assemblyman Sebastian Ridley-Thomas, President of the City Council Herb Wesson, as well as other dignitaries praised the accomplishments of Bonin.


Venice residents appeared with signs to voice their concerns regarding MRSA, trash in the streets, homeless in Venice and the future homeless plans the councilman has for Venice.

Comments (11)

  1. Billy Zanatakos

    Venicemom time to wake up from your dream. I been living in Venice for over 35 years. Diversity has always been a part of Venice. The homeless projects are going to get built by the uber nimbies who have boxed you in a corner. You can blame me, Bonin and whoever? The truth is you are going to be living next door to the chronically mentally ill with all the problems they bring. Just like I have lived with your problems honey. Better think of a name change to Brentwoodmom or deal with it.

  2. Nick Antonicello

    Correction: Ted Lieu is a Congressman. That speech by Bonin is a complete joke and he is now taking credit for things he did not do. This guy is avoiding the very issues that will cripple him. #Vexit

  3. Jack Herman

    Bottom line is if you people want to beat Mike Bonin you’re going to have to come up with somebody better than Mark Ryavec. You all claim you want to “help” the homeless, yet you’re supporting a candidate whose idea of helping the homeless is having them all arrested for sleeping on the sidewalk. How does criminalizing poverty help the homeless ? Answer of course is it doesn’t. All it does is criminalize people who for a whole lot of different of reasons cannot afford to live in 21st Century Los Angeles like a normal person. The “help” that all of you Ryavec supporters are proposing isn’t help at all. It is, in fact, the complete opposite of help.

    • Angela McGregor

      From Ryavec’s campaign literature:
      “Ryavec has supported much faster re-housing for the homeless through the Venice Homeless Task Force and the Teen Project. His group also
      supported the novel idea of re-uniting the homeless with out-of-state family members and provided the funding for bus fares and meal vouchers to support them on their way home.”

      • Jack Herman

        Nice spin there Angela. The part you left out is that if people refuse these bus tickets he wants them to be arrested and be court ordered to stay out of Venice. That’s what that whole stupid resolution was about that he authored that was then passed by the VNC’s Homeless Committee.

        • Anonymous

          Mr Herman posted: “Nice spin there Angela. The part you left out is that if people refuse these bus tickets he wants them to be arrested and be court ordered to stay out of Venice.”
          And WTF is wrong with that – Like Billy the kid, you obviously want to be so free that normal folks won’t want to live here – Another property confiscater – Grow up and smell the reality… This shit keeps up and the LAPD continues to stand down, there will be serious repercussions. It is only a matter of time.

  4. Billy Zanatakos

    The few residents with signs concerns will be addressed very soon by Bonin. They won’t have a care in the world when the housing, services, and shelters are put in place in Venice. The rest of CD11 didn’t show up with signs because they know Bonin is going to fulfill his promise to the homeless who live in Venice.

    • Anonymous

      ZANATAKOS – Don’t you have anything better to do at 5:30AM than to try to get the goat of Venice residents – Now listen to Venice Mom, she understands – And you will be truly disappointed at the end of the day. But maybe not, because you seem to get off on baiting people with your nonsense, rather than seeking sustainable solutions and creative avenues that so more than clog Venice streets/beach with more people than the government can possibly help in this little piece of Los Angeles, even if they actually wanted anything more than living on the beach for free. Is that what YOU want? Or are you so hateful and angry with people who have worked hard to have more than two nickles to rub together, that you want to rub their noses in feces and steal their property, while calling them racists and developers – Sick puppy – Seek help

    • VeniceMom

      Keep drinking the Bonin cool-aid, Billy, and living in La-La land. And just how and where is Bonin going to put up shelters in Venice?

  5. Anonymous

    Mike does not need Venice to win again. People all over the district are happy that he brings all the broken people and urban campers to mass and live on the streets and beach of Venice. Much the same way that Santa Monica felt when they got tired of the “home of the homeless” BS there.

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