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Wellers Get $25K from City to House Homeless

Chaplains Steven & Regina Weller_edited-1

Regina and Steve Weller, Los Angeles Chaplains and part of the Los Angeles Police Department Homeless Task Force, received $25,000 December 31. This was part of the $50,000 the Wellers were promised by Councilman Mike Bonin at the Townhall meet in March of 2016. They were given $12,000 in early fall to keep up their work.

If you want to donate to the Wellers, make check out to “Homeless Task Force” and mail to Foursquare Church, 1414 Riviera, Venice, CA 90291.



Comments (6)

  1. Billy Zanatakos

    Venicemom the fight isn’t with me. I could care less about nimby against nimby. Since when did you start to care about the homeless. You only care that all new homeless housing is getting built in Venice. I really don’t care how or who builds it. I am just ecstatic that it’s going to get built in Venice. You are mad that you have been out nimbied by richer nimbies. How does it feel to be a day late and a dollar short?

    • VeniceMom

      Nick Z, you’re absolutely right. I shouldn’t be engaging with “Billy the fake” and this is the last time I will. Billy the fake, you judge anyone who doesn’t drink the Bonin cool-aid or agree wholeheartedly with you. You provide no background on what you’ve done to help the homeless, yet you are the first to bash any one who wants our politicians to address the chronic problem and not just put their name on a nice little complex to house 20 homeless at $500,000 each. You show your ignorance by not researching the facts and continue to live in la la land. I will end by saying I’ve spent my entire life volunteering for organizations that help the homeless. My young daughter volunteers during the summer at the SM food bank and also volunteers on weekends at the Blessed Sacrament on Sunset sorting food and clothing for the homeless and engaging with them. She feels so sad that our politicians, including Bonin, have done nothing to address the big picture. They keep homeless housing out of the weathy areas so they get their big donations and spend millions on some high end unit to house .0125% of the homeless in Los Angeles. And you think that’s enough. You’re an idiot. Good bye.

  2. VeniceMom

    Hi Billy. I’m really not trying to pick on you. I just started reading your comments and thought it best to help you by educating you a little. I’m so sorry to have to burst your bubble. Bonin has been the councilman for Venice for the past few years. Since he has, although the LA homeless population grew by 20%, the homeless population in Venice grew by 250%. And you really think he’s going to open a shelter in Venice when he’s done nothing since representing us? I’d love to believe you but you’re living a pipe dream. It’s just not going to happen so you shouldn’t try to convince yourself or us that it is. Bonin will continue to accept donations from huge developers and throw a few bones at the Venetians who really want to help the homeless, such as myself, but, unfortunately, Bonin is beholden to his wealthy donors of West L.A., Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Mar Vista, Westchester, and of course Rick Caruso. And don’t forget how Bonin is supporting the HUGE Martin Complex Center which will have not one permanent housing unit anywhere in the area. He has exempted the city owned property in the area so the property will “creatively benefit the residents” and be exempt from having any permanent homeless housing built. Doesn’t sound to me that he’s genuine about doing what’s best for the homeless population. That would not sit well with his biggest donors who are the biggest gentrifiers. I realize that since you can’t challenge your hero Bonin who has let you down, you take out your frustrations on your fellow Venetians, which really have more in common with you than you think. I’ve met many people who find it easier to stay in their own little bubble than to research and learn the hard truthful facts and, unfortunately, you’re one of them. I can actually say I feel sorry for you because of your ignorance and hope for change that will never come. The person who you admire most is screwing you and your community to benefit developers. Come up with some facts and quit blowing out meaningless sound bites and maybe someone will take you seriously. Hugs to my fellow, ignorant neighbor.

    • Nick Z

      Please, for the love of God, stop replying to Billy or any of his aliases. He is a one man (woman?) spam machine who tries to give the impression that there are multiple people of the same opinion posting, when it is just him. He will post regardless, but it is only an exercise in frustration to engage in debate with him. Better – use him as an exercise in personal growth and restraint to let things go (like debating him) that you will never win, and that will only serve to further aggravate you.

  3. Billy Zanatakos

    The homeless in Venice need the help and this is just the beginning. The next step is to open a shelter in Venice. I truly believe this will happen very soon. Bonin is going to make this happen.

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