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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Venice Median Homeless Development Workshop 12 January

The Venice Median homeless development meet was originally designated as a Townhall to be held 12 January. Becky Dennison, director of Venice Community Housing, has changed the format to be a “visionary workshop” with an interactive process and discussion. See previous story.

The meet will be Thursday, 12 January 6 to 8:30 pm at Westminster Elementary School.

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  1. Billy Zanatakos

    Venice Community Housing are the right team to get this project done in Venice. They really know how to handle all the road blocks in order to get the job done, Along with Mike Bonin they will be unstoppable.

    • Anonymous

      VCH? HOW MUCH? HOW MANY? HOW LONG? – A transference of tax dollars to insufficient long term projects – They can certainly get the job done of getting their share of government funding while the Venice beach transient/campground grows and grows! Misplaced priorities. Road blocks to what? Ruining the locals quality of life? Punishing homeowners and pushing families and business away from Venice?

      • John mc manamy

        The devil will be in the details.
        Sort of interested on who will have the deed to the property?

        • susan beckman

          For workshop participants to be realistically “visionary” a Cost/Benefit analysis is critical… or… we are just spinning our wheels.

          As a starting point, I am asking that Becky Dennison and the VHC to bring a copy of the City”s appraisal of the Venice Blvd. median site as well as a copy of the proposal and cost breakdown that VHC submitted to the City to meeting on the 12th.

          Remember this is citizen owned land site, public money, and a critical need to use these resources for maximum benefit.

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