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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

County Health: Venice Does Not Have a MRSA Situation

County Department of Public Health has made a statement regarding the concern of an MRSA outbreak on 3rd Avenue as reported by a Lava Mae spokesperson at the Venice Neighborhood Council.

Venetians are now questioning the cleanliness of the areas and the subjecting of all Venetians to possible diseases prior to outbreaks. The story has been festering since 21 December and only today has there been a statement from the Public Health Department.

The Venice Neighborhood Council Homeless Committee is meeting Friday to see if a clearer path to some of these questions can be obtained.


Comments (5)

  1. Billy Zanatakos

    One thing is for sure Venicemom Mike Bonin and the rest of CD11 aren’t drinking the kool-aid that you’re serving up. You are just going to have to accept the fact, the chronically mentally ill have the same right to live in Venice as you do. The truth is the city and the majority of CD11 is behind the projects. You know the old saying you can’t fight city hall. But, who the hell am I to tell you what to do, have at it.

  2. VeniceMom

    Dear Billy Zanatakos. I would think you would do your research rather than just drink the Bonin cool-aid. Do you actually believe any housing in Venice is going to help the homeless in Venice? Read the CES, Coordinated Entry Program. The severely mentally ill and severe drug addicts from downtown ski row are going to be the ones housed in permanently housing in Venice at the tune of $750,000 per person, for only 200 people, right next to the little kids’ duck park in the canals which is a diverse park happily shared by kids of all colors from low and high income. That’s true diversity. I’m assuming you’re okay with the severely mentally ill concentrated in one complex in the middle of a residential area? Bonin won’t even consider a mixed income group to be housed on the median. He only wants the chronically homeless with insurmountable problems and no close social resources to be housed there to appease his big donors in Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Mar Vista, Westchester and West L.A. where he has exempted ANY city owned property from being used for permanent housing for the homeless. How much have you donated to the Bonin campaign to keep the severely mentally ill out of your area? Where to do live? The severely mentally ill and severely addicted drug addicted don’t need a $150 million complex by strand where drugs and dealers are ready and willing to service them and take their money, they need help!!!! You are a complete hypocrite. Bonin is accepting thousands from Caruso, the biggest gentrifier of all time. You are really showing your ignorance and hatred for any hardworking Venetian families raising children who spend weekends serving the homeless, just like my 14 year old does, but who want a safe neighborhood and don’t understand why Bonin will hire the most famous architect and big developer and spend millions are 200 homeless where there are 40,000 homeless who need a place to live. You are the “genetrifier” like Bonin and his supporters. You must be one of the residents who benefited from his $60,000 power wash of Mar Vista streets while 3rd and Rose get ignored. Get your facts straight little Billy otherwise you’re just another faceless idiot with hatred towards your fellow citizen.

  3. Billy Zanatakos

    Looks like the angry gentrifiers will have to find another problem to blame on the on the homeless. Just like all the other made up fear mongering problems, this one has been debunked.

    • VeniceMom

      Billy, I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting such a hilariously ignorant person as yourself, or maybe I have and didn’t know it. Your “type” loves to throw out the word “gentrifier”. Do you even know what that word means or who you’re directing it to? If you want to be taken seriously, don’t just throw out sound bites like Trump does, put some substance, thought and intelligence behind your comments and quit sounding like a broken record. When you do, it takes away from whatever message you’re trying to convey and just makes anyone reading your comments think of you as a complete moronic robot. Not criticizing you little Billy — just giving you constructive advice if you want to be taken seriously.

  4. Anonymous

    This sounds like a political COVER UP! It’s obvious that homeless encampments fester disease and we all know it, just look at all the open sores with pus on the bodies of many of these homeless folks. They need to get off the streets and stop trying to squat and claim Venice Beach as their home – ITS NOT! Bonin is a criminal and must go for using Venice Beach as an experiment in homeless sympathy so the democrats will support him for Mayor.


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