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Venetians Want to Know–Is There a Disease Outbreak; Are Conditions Such That Homeless Areas are Breeding Grounds

Venetians want to know: Is the City protecting 1000 homeless at the expense of 40,000 residents, the latter who could possibly be subjected to outbreaks of diseases?

The Venice Update received an email this week from a distressed resident who lives in the vicinity of 3rd Avenue in Venice. She showed garbage strewn on sidewalk and street on Rose between 3rd and 4th Avenues on 1 January. It is nothing compared to pictures shown of garbage up and down 3rd before garbage pickup this Wednesday. Nearby residents and now all of Venice ask: Is this alarmingly unsanitary? Is it a breeding ground for an outbreak of some kind of disease? Do we have an outbreak already?

Last week it was reported that there were six cases of MRSA based on a worker’s observation of type of prescriptions taken by homeless living on 3rd. It is well known that tuberculosis is a frequent resident of homeless camps. Could the flesh eating disease found in skid row be next for Venice? These diseases are contagious. These are questions that residents living near 3rd are asking and the questions are spreading throughout Venice. There are 40,000 Venetians at risk.

The Venice Update reported the MRSA figures to the Contagious Disease Center and the Public Health Nurse 21 December. No one got back to Update with results. Questions have since been submitted without answers. Councilman Mike Bonin made a statement that he had been in contact with all agencies and that there was nothing to worry about. Residents are not satisfied. The Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) Homeless Committee is meeting Friday to ask the VNC to make a motion to get some official answers regarding this situation from the proper authorities.

Third Avenue is an area that is possessed by the homeless. It has a life of its own and has recently been hitting the headlines with the news of MRSA. Homeless collect dumpster stuff and fill the sidewalks on 3rd in spite of the law that says one cannot do such. The sidewalks are not ADA compliant.

The C3 group comes, supposedly each day, to encourage homeless to seek services and keep records of residents. In the meantime, restaurants and people drop off food. Services drop off blankets and other cold-weather clothes. One lady from Anchorage, Alaska said they don’t have dumpsters like this in Anchorage. I came with nothing and look. She had a U-shaped area cordoned off with prizes from dumpster digging. This defined her new Venice home.

This “Venice 4Ever” is sprayed on a private fence on 3rd. This is how the homeless feel about 3rd.

This is west side of 3rd.

This is east side of 3rd.

These are the porta poties that were installed on private property. A container for garbage was supplied for the homeless. It is shown overflowing. The sign says that potty will be removed if clothing is dumped inside.

The following photos are of garbage cans ready for pickup on Wednesday. Residents nearby complain about unsanitary conditions, a breeding ground for diseases.








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  1. Billy Zanatakos

    The sky isn’t falling in Venice. It’s only falling for the people who won’t the Bonin plan for Venice.

    • Anonymous

      And this is the Bonin plan for Venice? Trash in the streets? RVs parked on every block? Services delivered to an ever increasing population of “needy” people who have no intention of getting their lives together and get off the street? Millions of dollars being spent on nonprofit real estate development while people languish on the street? All in the name of “helping the homeless.” If what is happening is Bonin’s plan, where and when will it end, and what is projected to be the outcome? Or is what is happening today will be multiplied and require more time and many more millions of dollars to do what? No one answers these questions. A lot to ask of one neighborhood.

  2. Anonymous

    Bonin’s legacy – The trashing of Venice – Why aren’t the major papers and TV news covering this??? Might it be because that this is a local Democratic party project to show that there is something being done to help the homeless??? The Mayor and other Councilpeople seem to be down with it (except the similar plans for San Pedro seemed to miraculously disappear).

    Once again, it looks like this whole project is to DE-GENTRIFY Venice. Scare away families and business and ward off thoughts of any pesky Silicon Beach intrusion. Remember, most of the hitech businesses are in LEASED quarters and the big boys (like Google) are building campuses in “homeless free” Playa del Rey. Anybody taking notice that a few of the anchor restaurants on OFW have or are closing? Hmmmmmmmm… Years ago, people here would say, “Venice, Where the debris meets the sea.” I guess that is what Bonin and the Westside Democrats want to return. Hillary is not being inaugurated because of the same type of arrogance and disconnect from reality.

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