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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

WLA Homeless Shelter at 78 Percent Capacity, Monday; Thursday–Figures Removed

Note: Since first posting on 4 January the site has removed the previous figures for the West LA Shelter called First to Serve and no number is listed at all so the purpose of even posting anything is useless. The site has not changed since it was first reported, except for the next day when the number was removed.

This is a snapshot of all the shelters in area and their attendance for Monday, 2 January. Note that the West Los Angeles shelter is No. 5 and called First to Serve. Update will be posting such each day on web and the e-blast of the Update will tally them all for the week.

Note: The LAHSA site has not been updated and the figures that were reported for Monday have been removed.


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