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“No Staph Infection Outbreak in Venice,” Councilman Bonin

“There is no outbreak of staph infection in Venice,” according to Councilman Mike Bonin.

“My office has been in touch with Lava Mae, the County Supervisor’s Office, the Venice City-County-Community Outreach Team (C3) and the nurse practitioner housed at Venice Family Clinic, who works with this population in Venice,” according to a statement by the Councilman.

“People living on the streets are at risk of disease and infection, but all relevant officials assure us there is no abnormal incident of illness in Venice. Supervisor Kuehl’s office has already been in touch with the County Department of Public Health, and has committed to focusing Department of Public Health resources on the area.”


At the Venice Neighborhood Council, a spokesman for Lava Mae stated that 25 percent/or number of the people they saw on 3rd and Rose had MRSA.  The Update when questioning Jasmin Kozowy, director of Lava Mae,  outside the VNC meet and also later the next day, Kozowy said there were only six cases of MRSA that she knew of and those were cases she determined as such based on the MRSA medication they were taking.  She felt there were possibly three other cases based solely on what the sores looked like.

MRSA, according to the Mayo Clinic medical information on internet: Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection is caused by a type of staph bacteria that’s become resistant to many of the antibiotics used to treat ordinary staph infections. It is contagious by contact.

The Venice Update Contacted the Center for Disease Control (CDC) 21 December, the day after VNC meet,  and was told to call the Public Health Nurse at SIMMS/MANN Health. This was done. Update requested that the public health nurse assigned to that area contact the Update. No one has ever called the Update. Supposedly, a nurse has been assigned and if there is a problem will report such to CDC.

The Venice Update contacted Debbie Dyner-Harris (22 December), district director for Councilman Bonin, after the story on Nextdoor continued to fan the fear.  She said she would see what Councilman Bonin wanted to do.

The story was in the LA Weekly today or yesterday, 30 -31 December, with quotes exactly as the story was published in Update on 21 December.

Councilman Bonin Statement

“Inexplicably, some people have used this rumor as an argument against providing services to the homeless,” according to Councilman Bonin.   “Rather, I believe that this situation highlights the urgent need to help people who are forced to live on the street by providing them services such as basic hygiene and medical care, as well as resources that will help connect them with housing opportunities. I am grateful for the work of the women and men who provide services and dignity to people living on the streets, as I am for everyone who works every day to end homelessness in our neighborhoods.”


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  1. Rick Swinger

    Tell this guy who works with the homeless on Skid Row Downtown L.A. That he should not worry so much about a MRSA outbreak Mike and Rick

  2. Anon

    I find this more Bonin bullshit. The usual answer, which is a non-answer when you read carefully. We may not be at a panic stage at Third and Rose, but for months, the homeless in that particular area have needed help and they haven’t received it. Unless, of course, you consider medical dumping help.

  3. More unsubstantiated fear mongering. It’s one thing to raise a concern it’s another stir up fear. There are various types and intensities of MSRA. Y’all please do your research on what MSRA actually is, it’s variations, and it’s behavior.

    • Will

      As usual Mike you post your misguided and uninformed opinions rather than facts.

      First off…nothing is unsubstantiated. Lava Mae reported 6-10 MRSA infections were reported on 3rd/Rose in person at the last VNC meeting on 12/20/16. I haven’t seen you at a meeting in a while, so you can see it for yourself at this link starting at the 38th minute. They were pretty clear about what they saw and the dangers associated with MRSA and the encampments. https://www.facebook.com/VeniceNC/videos/1009383969166045/

      MRSA is a deadly, infectious disease that is easily passed from one person to another. It’s a serious health issue that is spreading through the Venice encampments. It’s not right for this to be left untreated, it’s inhumane to let anyone suffer from this and its reckless and irresponsible to let anyone die from it. The city needs to send health workers to investigate this issue. That isn’t fear mongering…thats responsible governing.

    • Rick Swinger

      Mike Bravo are you on drugs? MRSA is not a behavior! WTF That ridiculous. Why are you just a whimp and think people are so down right panic stricken? You are on a non gentrification campaign regardless if the facts and logic do not make any sense. LOL I got you pegged. You could care less about homeless you want cheap beach side rent. LOL those days are long gone and stop polluting our beach!

  4. Rick Garvey

    I’m glad somebody finally asked the nurse at VFC 3 blocks away. She is the authority I trust on this issue, she treats almost every unhorsed person in the area, and she would know if there was an “epidemic.”

    I think this whole issue was blown way out of proportion. Lava Mae just got here and they used anecdotal evidence that has been used by people with a very specific agenda.

    • Rick Swinger

      Rick Garvey and Mike Bravo are on their own agenda. If they really cared about the homeless they side on caution and do the right thing. These guys don’t because they want our streets polluted and diseases stricken so they think they can get the old venice back with lower rents. Its that simple folks they want pollution of our coast for cheaper rents.

  5. heidi

    O c’mon Mike Bonin – that’s a manipulative response that smacks of “fake news.” The social services outreach organizations in Venice (who are funded to the tune of $14 million a year to address homelessness in Venice) have reported to many concerned residents that it is too dangerous for their outreach teams to interact with the homeless population encamped at 3rd and Rose. While I don’t personally understand their reasons for claiming that outreach is too dangerous for their trained employees, I can assume that it’s due to unpredictable behavior, potential for exposure to disease, and/or both. Where your comment is particularly misleading, is where you claim that people are using this MRSA argument against providing for the homeless. Au contraire Councilman, virtually every single resident of Venice wants the City help people who are forced to live on the streets by directing the existing $14 million of annual funding to house the homeless in Venice NOW. Not five years from now. NOW. There are opportunities to house every single homeless person in Venice NOW. Consider the SHARE model NOW. Look at augmenting funding for HUD’s Section 8 program and use available housing NOW. Convert existing City-owned buildings to housing NOW. And don’t tell me you can’t house the homeless of Venice NOW. Learn from what other City’s have accomplished in similar situations. And if you want a more local example, just look at how many homeless the Venice Homeless Task Force/FourSquare Church manage to move off the streets and house on a shoestring budget. Now that’s the real news.

  6. Wendy L Kaysing

    I have been advocating legal camping on property owned by either the city or the county as an alternative to shelters on one hand, taxpayer funded construction of new housing, or those taxpayer subsidized subsidies created to benefit the landowners at tax payers expense, whereas legal campgrounds allow a homeless person to have a permanent tent, or RV, along with bathrooms/shower room, and a community room with wifi, giving them a home-base of operations.Setting up a campground costs far less than building expensive apartments. Another cost effective alternative is to re-purpose hospitals that have gone bankrupt (now often used as movie sets) or closed down unused schools, or ware-houses, or even office buildings. Retrofitting these buildings (and getting the homeless to help do the work) is much more cost effective and can provide MUCH MORE housing than constructing a few hundred new apartments to the tune of $400,000-$600,000 per. Creativity can conquer cost, it just takes a willingness to try something different (and to be mindful of tax payers money).

  7. VeniceForEveryone899

    More people get sick during cold and flu season regardless of their home status. Homeless or not, we all get sick.

  8. Rick Swinger

    How many people on one block does MRSA have to infect to call it an outbreak Mr. Bonin. 6 or 10 or how many?

    • Rick Swinger

      What is scary to me is Mr. Bonin statement here thats says“People living on the streets are at risk of disease and infection, but all relevant officials assure us there is no abnormal incident of illness in Venice. So does one have to think that 6 cases of MRSA on one block is normal?

      • Rick Swinger

        Your Wrong again Mr. Bonin this is not about people arguing against providing services to homeless in fact just the opposite. We want Independent RNs to do a though examination of the folks on 3rd. Also we want you to stop telling the LAPD Not to enforce the 60 gal container Law. Enforcing this law would clean up 3rd from the pollution that is being dump on the homeless by the tenants of Public Storage reducing the Lead and Mercury flowing into our storm drains from all the E-waste i reported on ABC News. We all are United on this Mr. Bonin and You should be proud of us for informing the Public about these disease outbreaks that have been well documented on our Local News Channels http://abc7.com/society/rescue-mission-ceo-helps-fight-homelessness-despite-flesh-eating-disease/997530/

        • HomelessHousingForVenice988

          Yes, but don’t forget we are trying to figure out what Zika is and how to curb it. I caught a bad cold that turned into an infection. My daughters recently became ill with some stomach virus and one of them became dehydrated with a fever. She’s okay now. Like I said before, housed or not, we are all the same. These homeless people need our help.

          • Anonymous

            Bonin is not being truthful and is covering up the truth. These homeless encampments on 3rd and Rose are THIRD WORLD HEALTH RISKS to our children and residents. God forbid one of our child residents gets sick or dies because of MRSA from these homeless folks living in feces. IT WILL be a (criminal) scandal on Bonin (especially since he’s engaged in a coverup). It’s just NOT sustainable or safe to allow these encampments. And the drainage from these Lava Mae showers is like Mumbai sewage, endangering all of us. We need a combination of enforcement and housing. Right now there’s no enforcement and ONLY Bonin’s clarion call for every homeless transient to “move” to Venice encampments.

            AGAIN, Bonin (who doesn’t live in Venice) is RISKING our health and well being in order to promote his political agenda. VOTE RYAVEC in March.

          • Anonymous

            RE: HomelessHousingForVenice988 posting – Glad that you both are recovering, and yes, we all get your point, BUT, most of the people who post here, as opposed to other websites, really want to help the homeless, but feel that there might be better ways to do it than build a few expensive apartment buildings on the most valuable land in the area, that could be sold and provide so much more housing somewhere else, while offering street services that enable and attract more people to the area, well before they can be housed. A serious conundrum that will not be solved by what is presently being offered.

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