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LUPC Calendar Dominates Final VNC Board Meet

By Angela McGregor

The Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) final Board meeting of 2016 opened with presentations of two projects aimed at alleviating homelessness.

Will Hawkins, chair of VNC Homeless Committee, reported on the Miracle Messages Holiday Reunification Project. The Program’s Benefit Concert raised over $8,000 for transportation costs to reunite homeless people with loved ones they contacted via social media, and they are hoping to raise more. So far, they’ve gotten 10 people off the streets — an annual savings to the city of $700K.

Jasmin Kozowy, Lava Mae director, reported on Lava Mae which launched its service on Rose & 3rd on 11/1/2016, tapping into fire hydrants for their water supply to provide mobile showers to the homeless of Venice on a weekly basis. So far, they’ve provided 112 of Venice’s homeless with showers. For hookup information see https://veniceupdate.com/2016/12/23/lava-mae-mobile-showers-use-city-water-and-city-sewer-system/ In reference to the reporting of MRSA on 3rd, see https://veniceupdate.com/2016/12/22/six-cases-of-mrsa-on-3rd-and-rose.

The VNC approved the following LUPC Consent Calendar items:
2412 Bryan Avenue
459 28th Avenue
124 Brooks Avenue
1601 Shell Avenue (pursuant to Mello Act Review)
832 Milwood Avenue
835 Brooks Avenue
676 and 678 Marr Street
514 Santa Clara Avenue
928 Dickson Street
127 Via Marina
825 Main Street
241 Ruth Avenue was denied, 13-1-1, due to a lack of neighborhood input and the lack of dimensions on the submitted plans
656 California Street was postponed to January’s meeting.

The meeting closed with three final agenda items:
1. A motion was made as a follow up to the August 31, 2016 letter sent to Councilman Bonin asking that “the City present all current projects to our council in whatever state they are presently and stop taking any actions until such time as our council and stakeholders have had a chance to voice our opinion on any and all proposals”. See https://veniceupdate.com/2016/12/23/councilman-mike-please-follow-the-procedures/

2. The replacement of white LED street lights with blue lights on Windward Avenue and Pacific Avenue. The installation of such lighting has resulted in lower crime rates in Glasgow, Scotland and Nara, Japan. Given that this corner of Venice has a high crime rate, the VNC has recommended installation of shortwave (blue) lights for one year to determine if it will create a reduction in crime.

3. The amendment of the VNC’s bylaws to remove the Education Committee as a standing committee. The Education Committee has not met for six months, in violation of the VNC’s bylaws, due to the fact that there is no Board member able to Chair the committee (a rule for standing committees). By eliminating it as a permanent committee and then re-establishing it as an ad-hoc committee, the Education Committee can meet with a non-Board member as Chair.

All three of these measures were approved, and the meeting adjourned around 10pm.

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