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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Lava Mae mobile showers use City water and City sewer system

Lava Mae the mobile showering system for the homeless that stops once a week on 3rd Avenue uses the City water system at the fire hydrant and a City sewer system dump.

The City provided Lava Mae a special dump hookup. The system ties into the main sewer line and allows Lava Mae to dump all sewage into the dump without using the holding tanks. Lava Mae has a special rig to hook up to the fire hydrants wherever they go for fresh water. The generator supplies all electrical for the system.

Normally, they can shower about 25 during their morning stop on Fridays at 3rd.

City provided a connection to the main sewer system for Lava Mae.

Lava Mae just drops their combination grey and brown water hose into the main City sewer system.

Lava Mae has its own rig for hooking to the City fire hydrant for water.

And they have their own generator to supply electricity as needed.

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