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Dickson Sidewalks Replaced When Others Really Need Replacement



Sidewalks along Dickson, north side, in the Oxford Triangle have almost completely been replaced along with the driveways. This has left questions in the minds of many Triangle residents.

All sidewalks were inspected by the City and all bumps were sanded down and all bad sidewalks were replaced in 2007. This was paid for by the $250,000 given to the Triangle as part of a mitigation settlement from the development at the south end of the Triangle.

So replacing the sidewalks in Triangle seemed a bit questionable. The workers were asked why the sidewalks were being replaced. “Some didn’t have a two-percent grade (slant),” one worker said and another said the driveways didn’t have the correct slope either.

Sidewalk replacement did not seem to equate regardless of degree of the slope. Ones thoughts went to accessibility, safety, ADA access, usage, children.

Coeur d’Alene, next to elementary school.

Residents have tried unsuccessfully to get the sidewalks repaired in front of the school for years. Children ride their bikes, scooters on the sidewalks daily to get to school. Realize trees have to be addressed along with the sidewalk replacements but …

Sidewalk on Ocean near Venice Blvd.

Just another example. There are many sidewalks in Venice that deserve replacement. The fact that the sidewalks in Triangle were inspected and replaced or sanded not too many years ago, leaves residents wondering who is in charge.

Perhaps, this sidewalk replacement priority should be “advised” by the Venice Neighborhood Council.

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  1. Taylor Bazley

    The City is required to prioritize requests made for verified disabled need. This sidewalk was deemed necessary for someone who is disabled and that is the reason it was repaired.

    Read more about the sidewalk repair program here: http://www.11thdistrict.com/sidewalk_repair_policy

    Schools and other sensitive uses are at the top of the priority list set out in the massive sidewalk repair program which just started. Those school’s sidewalks will be looking good soon.

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