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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Oxford Basin Flooding Problem Fixed Immediately


Oxford Basin problem that caused back up in the Oxford Triangle last week was fixed that day, according to Kerjon Lee, public affairs officer for the LA County Public Works.

“Our 6 ft. tide gate is now fixed and back in operation,” wrote Kerjon Lee. “As I understand, the problem was caused by a loose sight glass plastic cover which is mounted on the actuator. This cover slipped down and jammed the thrust nut causing it to disengage from the gear box.

“A technician was able to remove the jammed plastic cover and re-engage the thrust nut with the assistance of LA County crews from 83rd Street Yard. The 7-foot tide gate was also inspected to make sure it did not have the same issue. With the tide gates back in service, Maintenance crews have resumed normal operations at Oxford Basin and will continue to prepare for the upcoming  storm event later this week.”


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