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Venice Update

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Beckman Gets CAO Response to Appraisal of Thatcher Yard, Venice Median

Susan Beckman has persistently tried to get information out of the Chief Administrative Officer’s (CAO) office regarding the process used to determine sale/develop of the two Venice properties–Thatcher Yard and the Venice Median.

The following is what she got from the CAO, signed by Miguel Santana. beckman1


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  1. reta

    Inputted for Heather Kahler

    That response letter was useless.It’s am insult to our collective intelligence. They grossly underestimate our intellectual prowess and how hard we will fight them. Questions were dodged or the buck passed. No direct response. We should be entitled to know the actual appraisal values and the development costs to see which numbers reflect what a sale of these properties would come to in $$$. Way to beat around the bush, but we should all expect as much considering how this has all played out with zero regard to the tax paying residents who should have the loudest voice of all.

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