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Water Backs Up Into Oxford Triangle … As If It Hadn’t Been Fixed




Water from Oxford Basin backs up into low areas of Oxford Triangle, as if the complete revamp of the Oxford Basin had never happened.

It took a year to “rebuild” the Oxford Basin for it to become a retention container for drainage in the area.  Residents were assured this water backup into Oxford Basin would never happen again.  Residents were concerned about high tide and the locks not letting out water to ocean.  They asked will the water then continue to back up into the Oxford Triangle.  County assured all that it would never happen again.  Before dedication it happened but it was discovered that someone had left the locks locked.

As photos were being taken at about 7 am Sunday morning  the increase was evident.  Photos were sent about 7:30 am to Josh Svensson, chief architect of Oxford Basin for county department of water and power. He called Venice Update and said high tide had occurred and water should start going down … a statement would be made soon.  He was in process of getting it fixed immediately.

Update checked at 8:30 am and water had stopped flowing and street water was receding.

Kerjon Lee, public affairs manager for LA County Public Works, made the following statement:

At approximately 5:30 am Sunday, LA County maintenance crews arrived at Oxford Basin in response to a notification from our 24-hour Dispatch unit. Upon investigating the basin and recently-installed tide gates, crew members found that one of the two six-foot gates was stuck in an open position. This caused the basin to fill with the rising tide, resulting in some water backing up along Oxford Ave. No residential or commercial properties were affected.

Upon further inspection, crews determined that a component of the slide gate actuator, the mechanism that opens and closes the gate, had been damaged.

By 1 pm Sunday, crews had closed the gate and returned the water level in the basin back to normal. The remaining seven-foot gate remains in good operating condition and normal operating levels within the basin will be maintained.

Maintenance crews will meet with the contractor this week to determine the appropriate course of action for repair.

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