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Amy Alkon Tells One How to Turn Strangerhoods into Neighborhoods

Amy Alkon is a Venetian who is a journalist, syndicated advice columnist, author and blogger.  She contributed a column for the Update years ago. Her book I See Rude People has been out for a while. She has been unavailable, in the black hole, finishing her latest book, Good Manners for Nice People Who Sometimes Say F*ck, until last month.

Now that her career is exposed and Update has been bedazzled into selling her books … On to the video. Her YouTube was impressive, particularly since it is Christmas time and because it is the time for resolutions. She talks well, is totally charming, and it is obvious she can sell a blind person reading glasses.

It is true that if you help someone else, it will help you more than the one helped—but listen to Amy sell it to you at the corner in SoHo and sell it for free.

She does an honest analysis and describes a procedure that might change your life. Follow Amy. Be part of the magic. Change your strangerhood into a neighborhood.


“Someone asked me once who is Amy Alkon,” wrote Reta Moser.  “I chuckled and said Amy is a nutcase; she is not a normal person. She is big. She is colorful. She is gracious. She is bright.   She is intense. After you have met her, just her name makes you smile. She is so different that trying to draw a picture of her with words is like describing what “wind” looks like.   She is driven, totally honest in her work and her conversation. She feels.

“A coffee date in the morning may find her appearing in an evening gown and never chastising you for coming in jeans. You will feel you wore the right outfit and had a great time by the time you part. Her energy level is off the charts. It is to the point that you feel if she pointed the ET finger at you, you would be charged for weeks … and maybe your hair would stand straight up for that time too. Her dogs do not have hair. Does that tell you anything? They have tiny, hairless bodies and big ears. What more can I say.

“A New York Times writer contacted me once and asked me about Amy.  I laughed.  How do I describe a whirlwind in a couple words? “How about total, talented nutcase.  Okay.  Take out the word “talented.”

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