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Thank You—LAPD, Councilman– Encampment at Walgreens


The Walgreens encampment is gone. It packed up after the Venice Update published an open letter to Councilman Mike Bonin and the new LAPD Captain last Monday. Letter had been on the web a few days earlier.

It was an insane encampment with needles dropping on the sidewalk and street to inebriated people harassing vehicles and pedestrians passing. Feces was everywhere. These were not your normal homeless; these homeless were combative.

They had a bike chop shop and rode thru the neighborhood at night and early in the morning. For what reason?

The story carried the law and the settlement that affects the law. Remember the two because many police do not know the law. The one at the encampment recently was not aware of law other than homeless weren’t allowed after 6 am.

Residents of Carter, which is first street parallel to Lincoln, have suffered with these transients off and on for years. One family on Carter with young children moved because of it. Various members of the community have “done the dance” with the police and with Walgreens but it persists.

Chris Cerbo suggested that all police cars route thru Walgreens parking lot to keep the area clear.

“Obviously, it requires a continuous, persistent effort,” according to Venice Update. “The burden should be on the police, not on the residents to keep this corner clear. Panhandling at the Washington—Lincoln intersection should be stopped. It is illegal. This is a big attraction and sometimes the first sign of homeless settling in.”

The area does have a new senior lead officer (SLO) replacing Gregg Jacobus. New SLO Javier Ramirez contact information is 39174@lapd.online, 310-622-3971.

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