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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

“Home for the Holidays” Raises Awareness and Approximately $5000

Home for the Holidays

Holly Stinson on the left and Will Hawkins on the right along with Matt Shaw and Sunny Bak (latter two not shown), all of the Venice Neighborhood Council Homeless Committee, raised approximately $5000 for Miracle Messages, St. Joseph Center, and Safe Place for Youth (SPY) organizations with their “Home for the Holidays” benefit Sunday night.  Will Hawkins, who is chair of the Homeless Committee, also performed during the evening.

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  1. Anonymous

    For what it is worth, St Joseph eats up millions yearly and seems to do little to change the Transient population besides feeding them and counseling them (primarily as to how to avoid concerns and continue living on the street)- To be fair, they do a number of things that are not homeless related – It is also interesting that they have few, if any, services at their nice facility on Hampton that bridges Venice and Santa Monica and none are allowed to camp around there…

    • William

      I love how people post unsubstantiated information here anonymously.

      It’s time for people to stop blaming St Josephs and other organizations for the homeless in Venice. I canvased the streets myself and found a very small percentage of homeless even registered with them, so that’s not the reason they’re here. We also needs an equal amount of enforcement from the LAPD along with services provided. Officers need to get out of their police cruisers and do some old fashioned community policing, walking the streets and having a consistent presence in our community.

  2. Chuck Rosin

    Placed a call to St. Josephs to volunteer to be part of the outreach. Still waiting for a call back 10 days later. Contrast that with the story about the Wellers in Venice Update — and let’s figure out how VNC Homeless Committee can support them!

    • reta

      I think start with Hollie Stinson of the Homeless Committee. She is queen of the fund raisers. The Wellers are low key and have records even large groups cannot touch. They have an “instinct” that is unbelievable. The day I met Steve, he stopped with the LAPD at the Lincoln and Washington. Within 15 minutes or less he had two going home and one going to VA. He would be back. I was flabbergasted. Your thoughts are in the right place.

      • William

        I left my contact information multiple times so ppl could reach me to volunteer as it was the homeless committee that coordinated the effort. So, dont blame st josephs for that.

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