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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA


746 Marco Place will be heard 5 December at 11 am at West LA Municipal Building, 1645 Corinth Ave.

Owner wants to remodel and add 1,331 square-feet to a one-story, single-family dwelling consisting of: minor exterior alterations and interior improvements to the existing structure, removal of 599 square feet of the rear portion of the existing single-family dwelling, the construction of a 2,210 square-foot, two-story addition with a rooftop deck and attached two-car garage attached to the rear of the existing structure, and the demolition of a detached two-car garage and accessory structure; the project provides a total of three parking spaces onsite.

Address all questions and comments to Juliet Oh, (213) 978-1186 juliet.oh@lacity.org. Refcerence DIR-2015-4156-CDP-SPP.

459 28th Avenue will be heard 5 December, 1 pm, West LA Municipal Bullding, 1645 Corinth Ave, LA 90025.

Owner wants to demolish an existing single-family dwelling/accessory structure, and construct a 2-story single-family dwelling, 29 feet 6 inches in height, with 3,857 square-foot living area, total 998 square feet balconies/deck and an attached 422 square-foot garage, on a 4,300 square-foot lot in the R1-1-O Zone.

Address all comments and questions to Alam Choudhury. (213) 978-1467, alam.choudhury@lacity.org.

1698 Electric will be heard 19 December at 10 am at West LA Municipal Building, 1645 Corinth Ave., LA 90045.

Owner wants to demolish an existing 576 square-foot one-story accessory
building and construct a first- and second-floor addition totaling 1,520
square feet, including a 460 square-foot attached two-car garage, to an existing
1,248 square-foot single-family dwelling, on a 3,869 square-foot lot.

Questions and comments may be addressed to Kenton Trinh, (213) 978-1290, kenton.trinh@lacity.org Reference DIR-2016-1704-CDP.

2412 Bryan Ave will be heard 19 December at 10:30 am at the West Los Angeles Municipal Building, 1645 Corinth Ave., LA 90045.

Owner wants to remodel and add to a one-story, 1,168 square-foot single-family dwelling consisting of: removal of the roof for the existing one-story single-family
dwelling, 49 square-foot addition to the ground floor and construction of a new
1,115 square-foot second story, resulting in a total floor area of 2,332 square feet; the
project will maintain a total of two parking spaces onsite.

Comments and questions may be addressed to Iris Wan, (213) 978-1397, iris.wan@lacity.org. Reference DIR-2016-2332-CDP.

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