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What is it?– A Street Monitor or Monster


No one seems to know what this gadget is that was installed by a subcontractor who said he knew nothing. High up the pole is a phone number with an explanation as shown. The phone number, when called, is for employees only. It is a City item that was installed and one should contact the City to find out what is installed “in front of his house.”  This photo was taken on Oxford at Howard.

XM1   Sign states “Radio frequency fields beyond this point may exceed the FCC General public exposure limit.

The Update has contacted the City Council office to see if they know what is installed. One can go wild dreaming what the gadget is or could be.

Comments (2)

  1. kevin

    it’s a “mini” cell phone tower, probably for sprint. here’s an article about how the company (mobilitie) has a checkered past on getting permits. i would expect that a permit from LA burau of streets is required for the box to go on the pole.


  2. Nick Z

    It’s a beacon, tuned to the alpha waves of schizophrenics, to attract them to Venice from all over North America. Clearly not the first.

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