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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

“Stop Encampments in my Neighborhood”– Open Letter to Councilman, LAPD

Encampment remnant being removed by LAPD.

Encampment remnant being removed by LAPD.

(Photo courtesy of Chris Cerbo.)

(Photo courtesy of Chris Cerbo.)

(Photo of Chris Cerbo.)

(Photo of Chris Cerbo.)

The bus benches on Triangle side of Lincoln have been removed because homeless slept on them and used them throughout the day.

The bus benches on Triangle side of Lincoln have been removed because homeless slept on them and used them throughout the day.

Firestone-Walker Brewery cleanup crew pick up feces, needles, trash every week from landscape rocks which is across the street from Walgreens.

Firestone-Walker Brewery cleanup crew pick up feces, needles, trash every week from landscape rocks which is across the street from Walgreens.

City Councilman Mike Bonin

Captain LAPD, Pacific Division

Residents ask “Please stop the encampments in our neighborhood at Walgreens.” Sometimes the encampments go from Washington, past two parking lot exits, to the end of the small shops at the corner on Carter. This is across from residential.

It does vary. In addition to Carter, sometimes they are on Washington and sometimes on Lincoln too. They beg illegally at the corner of Highway 1, Lincoln Blvd, and Washington Blvd. (They beg at corner of Highway 1, Lincoln Blvd, and Highway 90 and Highway 90 at Mindanao.) All this is allowed to continue in Venice, which is known and referred to by many as the “Land of the Homeless.”

The Jones settlement modifies LAMC 41.18(d) to allow people to sleep on the sidewalk between 9 pm and 6 am. It also states that there must be a 10-foot clearance from a business entrance/exit and from parking lot entrance/exit in addition to allowing people to use the sidewalk. LAMC 41.18 is reprinted here at the end of the story.

Address your comments to Councilman Mike Bonin at mike.bonin@lacity.org and Senior Lead Officer Gregg Jacobus at 35162@lapd.lacity.org

Comments from residents …

  • Enough is enough. We want this taken care of period. We have lost the City bus benches on Lincoln because the police couldn’t keep them clean. Time to protect the law abiding citizens, not the homeless.
  • Who is running the place? Is Bonin in charge or not? The police respond but only if called and never act without a call, even when homeless are violating the law.
  • We don’t want any more homeless in Venice. Homeless are having a hay-day here. The homeless say: “We can do and act as we so please. Venice is free. It belongs to the homeless.” The City, the police cannot handle what the City has created in Venice.
  • The City cannot allow Carter to become another Rose Ave situation. Just by being present they can fix this. Otherwise it will become an infection.
  • Was planning to email Gregg Jacobus to ask what kind of elevated plan is being put in place to deal with this. What is their triage plan and strategy to pay attention to this actively vs. just responding when they are called.
  • Please stop the encampments in our neighborhood at Walgreens.
  • They cannot allow it to become another Rose Ave. situation. Just by being present they can fix this. Otherwise it will become an infection.”
  • I don’t feel safe getting a prescription filled at Walgreens. One guy flipped me off while going in and another flipped me off leaving. I feel cornered when I am in there. We know the gangs feed these people who are on meth or something. What if someone comes into Walgreens and starts shooting?
  • We have these homeless bikers biking our neighborhoods all night long. Are they delivering drugs?   Are they looking for open windows? Why do we have to have this?
  • I took my daughter to Walgreens’ pharmacy for cough medicine and the heroine addict in front of me bought herself needles with change collected at corner. The hobos were smoking their crack pipes in broad daylight at 10:30 am last week.



(a) No person shall stand in or upon any street, sidewalk or other public way open for pedestrian travel or otherwise occupy any portion thereof in such a manner as to annoy or molest any pedestrian thereon or so as to obstruct or unreasonably interfere with the free passage of pedestrians. (Amended by Ord. No. 137,269, Eff. 10/21/68.)

Whether or not a defendant’s acts “in any manner hindered or obstructed the free-passage” of persons passing is clearly a question of fact for the jury. People v. Firestone, CR A 518.

Where free-passage along sidewalks is obstructed by persons listening to what is said at a street-meeting, the persons conducting said meeting cannot be convicted of a violation of this section in the absence of other facts. People v. Yoneda, CR A 249.

(b) No person shall loiter in any tunnel, pedestrian subway, or on any bridge overpass, or at or near the entrance thereto or exit therefrom, or at or near any abutment or retaining wall adjacent to such entrance or exit, or any retaining wall or abutment adjacent to any freeway, street or highway open and used for vehicular traffic, or adjacent to that portion thereof used for vehicular traffic, or on any public property in the proximity of such bridge, overpass, or retaining wall or abutment.

Sec. 41.18 has not been preempted by State Legislation encompassing loitering offenses. Gleason v. Municipal Court (April 1964), 226 Cal. App. 2d-226 ACA 701.

(c) No person in or about any pedestrian subway, shall annoy or molest another or make any remark to or concerning another to the annoyance of such other person, and no person shall commit any nuisance in or about such subway.

(d) (Amended by Ord. No. 137,269, Eff. 10/21/68.) No person shall sit, lie or sleep in or upon any street, sidewalk or other public way.

The provisions of this subsection shall not apply to persons sitting on the curb portion of any sidewalk or street while attending or viewing any parade permitted under the provisions of Section 103.111 of Article 2, Chapter X of this Code; nor shall the provisions of this subsection apply to persons sitting upon benches or other seating facilities provided for such purpose by municipal authority or permitted by this Code.


Comments (13)

  1. john mcmanamy

    Support Mark Ryavec and get Venice cleaned up. Bonin does not care about Venice.

    • Anonymous

      Is this the right candidate? On a daily basis I clean up human waste. At least twice a week I call the police to get them off my property, they never respond. I am seeking a refund on my property taxes.

      • Anonymous

        Mike Bonin is the current City Councilmember who has instructed the police to not enforce any of the laws that are intended to discourage homeless camps. Mark Ryavec is running against him in the March primary and May general elections, with a plan to begin enforcing our laws again. Please remember to vote next spring: http://www.markryavec2017.com/issues

    • lee

      is there a website to post signatures for Mark Ryavec?

      • reta

        Don’t know how posting signatures would work. Haven’t heard of such. Let me know. I would be happy to post signatures for all candidates but it seems like it would be similar to a petition and I don’t think Update would be suitable for such. Would like to develop some questions for all candidates to answer after first of year. Would publish all answers in a special edition of Update. Submit your questions!

      • Angela

        Mark has gathered enough signatures and will be on the ballot next year. Now he needs 250 donations of any size to qualify for matched funding. These can be made through his website.

        • Vicki

          The donations are very important to get the matching funding. Bonin receives a lot more exposure because he’s the incumbent. Let’s let him know he has real competition!

  2. Venice needs a Trump intervention

    Bonin doesn’t care about the resident. File lawsuits against the city Walgreen’s and the rest of the businesses in the area, And for christ sakes stop shopping in that strip mall, Unless am economic message is sent it will fall on deaf ears,

    • Anonymous

      Why take this situation out on the local businesses? It is all about a lack of enforcement that is standard in most other parts of CD11. Venice’s sacred cows. It will eventually reach critical mass and something will temporarily happen in one area or another. Seems that the City’s social engineers, led by our esteemed Councilperson, are intending to do the big experiment in Venice while channeling your tax dollars to the anointed local social services. All backed by the Mayor and the City Attorney. They believe that the “people of Venice” support these programs, the presence of homeless has historical precedence, the majority of homeless service providers are already in place here, and we gotta do something about these folks, so the few eggs that need to be broken for the grand experiment omelette just happen to be the resident’s property values and quality of life. These are “big picture” people into what they consider “for the greater good.” A far cry from Bill Rosendahl, who tried to maintain some sort of balance. It is the reason that the present CD11 administration steadfastly maintains that most Venice residents approve and encourage, and detractors are racist Nimbys who have no compassion for “poor people.” We must learn to live with whatever is planned (and some stuff they haven’t even thought of yet) or move. Best bet would be to support the VSA as they have pooled resources and DO retain legal council. It is a long and expensive process. But don’t take it out on the local businesses who have no authority to really do anything legally.

      • Nick Z

        You can’t blame businesses for what happens on public property, although they should, just as a matter of good business sense, make an effort to clean-up when/where they can nearby.

        However, they can and should be held responsible for what happens on their own private property. There is no law that says you can loiter or store things on private property without the owners’ permission. I have reported numerous campsites near my house when they are on private property and the business usually deal with it quickly. If they don’t, you can sue them for creating a nuisance.

        • VeniceIsForEveryone555

          I have an idea. Why don’t we all get together and volunteer to pick up trash in that area? We can also encourage the homeless to seek out a job with those those doing business in that area. They can help clean windows, curb areas, parking areas. Actually that idea is already being planned. Be ready people………change is coming now!

  3. Anonymous

    The corner of California and Electric is trashed with tents/dogs/waste, etc.
    Clean this up. When one beds down, another joins and now we have 8 people plus animals living on the corner and creating a major health concern not to mention a security problem.

  4. john tapia

    i write the councilman daily about the campers on the 300 block of vernon. on a daily basis i must pick up their human waste. this is out of control. why do i pay property tax and go to work everyday???

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