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Safran Group Responds to Questions Regarding Thatcher Yard

Thatcher Yard

Thatcher Yard

Tyler Monroe, member of the Thomas Safran development team for the Thatcher Yard, answered Venice Update questions, such as what is the process, where are you with the process, and what was proposed for the site.

We do not yet have official written approval of our selection. The City staff recommended us to Council; two council committees already voted to approve. The City staff expects full City Council approval by mid-December. The staff report to Council recommends TSA “in writing” for the site.

Our Proposal. The goal of our proposal was to demonstrate flexibility and willingness to consider all options to make the best project for the site, the community and the City. Therefore, we proposed multiple “mixed income” options for this site. The options vary in density (from 84 to 152 units) and the mix of populations served (market rate, independent affordable and permanent supportive). We don’t yet know what the City staff prefers. We specifically state in our proposal that once selected, we will “work with the City and the local stakeholders to find the right tenant population.”

As a starting point, we proposed 60% market rate, 30% independent affordable and only up to 10% permanent supportive housing. I think that this may be quite different from what many people expect. We also expressed willingness to increase affordability if it was acceptable and City funds were provided (Proposition HHH or other) to make it work. The final project size and housing types will be determined by the community engagement process.

Next Steps. Once approved, we will do very thorough community outreach (including public meetings with ample opportunity for input) to determine the best solution on this site for all stakeholders and then; go through the city planning process for land use approvals plus, the Coastal Commission for a Coastal Development Permit. We are absolutely at the earliest stage. The final project program will be born out of a robust community input process.

We look forward to discussing further how we make this a wonderful project for all!

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  1. Anonymous

    Liberals have for sure created our own demise here in Venice. Bleeding heart politics have emboldened Bonin (a junkie himself, once a junkie ALWAYS a junkie) to turn Venice into needle park. Nice going. Now our children are surrounded by violent transients and sex offenders. There’s a murder, rape or break-in in Windward Circle alone every 2 weeks. LAPD underreports the statistics at Bonin’s direction. WAKE UP folks, it’s only getting worse.

  2. Anonymous

    Hey “Venice Needs A Trump Intervention” – Trolls need a Trump bump as well. If you think making fun of this whole situation is appropriate, it just goes to show how the “protected species” of homeless lifestylers feel about their unwilling hosts and “neighbors” (usually said with a sneer..). Apparently taking some joy at the prospect of Venice residents losing property value, and screw them if they are unhappy with a reduced quality of life that is being brought to their doorsteps by government mandate. You and most of your friends are indeed sick puppies and you wonder why the community feels that there is no place for you here.

  3. Venice needs a Trump intervention

    This is what you get with left wing politics bum housing. I guess petifiles and murders need a place to live too. It is a known fact crime rates sky rocket when projects like this one come to town. Liberals your children are going to need lot’s of therapy from the trauma that will be inflicted on them as a direct result of who moves into your neighborhood. Think twice if you believe the LAPD is going to protect you.

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