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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Santana Says Venice Median and Thatcher Yard to be Developed; Names Developers

Venice Median

Venice Median


Thatcher Yard

Thatcher Yard


Note: This announcement is almost verbatim from the Council Office and written by David Graham-Caso, communications director.


The City Administrative Officer (CAO) Miguel Santana is recommending that eight city-owned parcels throughout Los Angeles be the first wave of properties considered for housing development.

In Venice, the CAO is recommending that Thomas Safran & Associates be given the chance to work with the community to design a proposal for the old Thatcher Yard, and that the team of Hollywood Community Housing Corporation and Venice Community Housing Corporation be given the chance to work with the community to design a proposal for the Dell Pacific parking lot.The size and type of housing in each proposal will be determined following the community input process that Mike has insisted the developers conduct.

Once Thomas Safran Associates or Hollywood Community Housing Corp/Venice Community Housing Corp. create and submit their proposals, they will be subject to the same process as any development proposal in Venice – which includes review and public input at the neighborhood council, through the Department of City Planning, the full City Council, and most likely, the California Coastal Commission.

Thomas Safran & Associates has three properties on the Westside: Del Rey Square, 124 units of low-income housing for seniors, including 30 formerly homeless seniors, in Del Rey; Redwood Village, 50 units of low-income senior housing in Marina del Rey; and the newly opened The Woods at Playa Vista, 83 units of senior low-income housing in Playa Vista. (Thomas Safran & Associates was also selected to create a proposal for a former animal shelter in West Los Angeles.)

Venice Community Housing & Hollywood Community Housing have a recently opened building in Del Rey, the Gateway Apartments, offering 21 units for formerly homeless people. VCHC operates more than 16 buildings and offers more than 200 units of housing on the Westside. Hollywood Community Housing Corporation has more than 20 buildings and 700 units of housing, mostly in the Hollywood area.

“Thomas Safran & Associates and the team of Hollywood Community Housing and Venice Community Housing are already part of the solution on the Westside, and I am excited to learn there is a potential for these organizations to provide more housing here for those who most need it,” said Councilmember Mike Bonin. “Voters just approved Proposition HHH, allowing us to help build 10,000 units of affordable or homeless housing in Los Angeles. I hope Thomas Safran & Associates, HCHC, and VCHC will be able to be among the first to help fulfill the voters commitment. I look forward to the start of their community outreach efforts, and I am eager to see what sort of proposals they offer.”

The types of housing that the CAO recommends be included in the proposal include: permanent supportive housing, affordable multi family housing, mixed income housing, affordable homeownership, and what the CAO describes as “innovative methods of housing.”  Innovative methods of housing in this case are described as “modular, prefab, or micro units.”

Comments (19)

  1. James

    Which other sites in LA have been chosen? I can’t find information on this decision on lacity.org and the LA Times have not reported it as far as I can tell.

    • reta

      Only the 12 or 8 (depending on how one counts) sites have been designated so far for all of Los Angeles. It is my understanding that other sites are forthcoming.

      • Anonymous

        The City has designated 5 of the 8 lots (never count 12 – it is 8 parcels with one having 4 contiguous lots that will be used in ONE development) for development. Three of the 4 in CD11 are designated for housing. One (the abandoned fire station in Westchester) is to be “sold at Fair Market Value. Thatcher Yard, the Venice Blvd Median lot, and the WLA Animal Shelter lot will be developed (by TSA, VHCH/HCHC, and TSA respectively). Two other lots of the 8 (Lincoln Heights and a hillside lot in Sylmar) will also be developed for housing. Lot 7 of the 8 is in San Pedro and will be “sold at Fair Market Value.” Lot 8 is on Imperial Highway and has the designation that it will receive a Request for Proposals from the Pre Qualified list of developers in the near future. That is the fate of all 8. No type of housing determined for any lot, no designs, no numbers of units…no information as to how or why these lots were chosen over others…no public say whatsoever.

  2. Nick Antonicello

    No competitive bidding. No public meeting. No public input. No public discussion. If this isn’t the model template for secession from Los Angeles, what is? #Vexit

    • Nick

      Sounds a lot like your process for Cityhood and also a lot like the BID.

      • Nick Antonicello


        All of our meetings are publicly advertised so why are you lying?

        Come to a meeting and find out what exactly what we’re actually doing and accomplishing.

        Easy to toss rocks from the sidelines.

  3. john okulick

    Low Income housing awarded to Bonin Contributor. If it goes like the Venice Business improvement district you will have no voice as residents. The city council could care less what you think. Developers get state money with few details. Housing for a 100 people does not cover the 1000 estimated homeless in the 3 square miles of Venice. But city council members are eager to give 80% tax breaks for Google & Snap Chat, corporations combined worth at 220 Billion dollars.

    • Nick

      2025 coming to Venice sooner than you think. Get ready for the diversity armageddon. Google is going to find out the hard way that you can’t “have it all”. Homeless people are my best friends. When I need a ride, I use my feet.

  4. Stephanie

    Thatcher Yard. I do not see a description of how this piece of property will be developed. Is it homeless housing? Or will is be senior housing?

    • Will

      The developer is Thomas Safran. His company built many senior housing facilities around LA, including Del Rey on Culver. It’s a gorgeous facility (as are all of his buildings) and I’m sure that whatever they come up with will not only be beautiful, but also appropriate for the neighborhood there. I’m less excited about the venice median.

    • reta

      City officials say it will be “affordable” housing for the Thatcher Yard; the Venice Median will be homeless housing. There are definitions for both but we need the City to tell us their “affordable/homeless” definitions.

  5. Gregg Steele

    This is completely ridiculous!

  6. Rick Garvey

    This is terrific news, thanks so much mike!

  7. Bruce

    Why is there no competitive bid process for such large public projects?

    • Rick Garvey

      These two parcels were part of a larger group of 12 properties owned by the City that were put to a competitive bid process about 10 weeks ago through the City Administrator Office of LA. There were a few dozen applicants. Submissions were scored on a number of factors, including overall feasibility, volume of affordable home/transitional housing units, and budgetary criteria. All applicant bid records are public documents.


      • Anonymous

        A “competitive bid process” did not happen in this instance. There are zero details on which to even make a bid. Budgets were not determined, design is not included…it simply a list of qualified developers and their potential ideas for the sites. The city then chose their favorites. They will unveil the designs at some point in the future.

  8. Anonymous

    Bonin has to go. It’s a land grab and he’s co-opting our community and transferring it to homeless and the social services industrial complex. He would NEVER do this in Brentwood, palisades or his home of mar vista. It’s disgraceful and disgusting.

  9. James

    So Venice will provide 40% of the land for homeless housing across all of LA?

    • Bruce

      James, since 2 of the 12 parcels under consideration were eliminated as being “not suitable for development” – the 40% figure will rise. This is per LA Times article today…

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