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Ryavec Throws Hat into CD11 Ring

Mark Ryavec Photo

Mark Ryavec, a Westside community leader with a long history of civic activism in Los Angeles, has entered the race for the District 11 seat on the Los Angeles City Council.

“I’ve prepared for this job my entire career,” Ryavec said. “I love public service and I look forward to setting a new course at City Hall that focuses on the priorities of residents.”

“The incumbent, who raised 2/3rds of his campaign funds from outside of CD 11, is notoriously in the pocket of developers, city bureaucrats, unions, and homeless advocates,” the candidate said. “With fundraisers set in Dallas, Chicago, Washington, DC, and New York City, we can now add “Traveling Mike” to the list of errant officials that includes Traveling Sam (Yorty) and Traveling Tom (Bradley).

Ryavec, who has served as staff to the City Council, as chief deputy assessor for LA County, and as a coastal advocate for No Oil and American Oceans Campaign, is now president of the Venice Stakeholders Association.

“In light of yet another influence-buying scandal at City Hall I vow to take no campaign funds from outside CD 11 or from those with projects pending before the Council. I also will not accept more than $250 from any contributor.”

“To make clear my personal commitment to help the homeless, I will donate 1/3rd of my after-tax city salary to homeless serving non-profits,” Ryavec promised.

“As I have traveled through the district I have found a lot of resident anger over the incumbent’s support for mega developments in West Los Angeles, Brentwood and Pacific Palisades,” Ryavec said, “as well as his failed approach to the homeless in my own community of Venice.”

An inveterate hiker, Ryavec intends to walk the length and breadth of CD 11 over the next four months to engage residents in a discussion about their priorities for improving City services in their neighborhoods.

Contact information: 424-352-CD11; mark@markryavec2017.com; www.markryavec2017.com

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  1. Anonymous

    Bonin Challenger Mark Ryavec Gains Traction in Palisades
    By MATTHEW MEYER | Reporter
    One election season ends and another begins: Nearly a dozen challengers have mounted bids to unseat Los Angeles City Councilmember Mike Bonin, who has represented the Westside’s District 11 since July 2013. Now the potential candidates are gathering signatures on their “nominating petitions,” which are due by Dec. 7 and required to officially enter the race (set to conclude in March 2017). One of Bonin’s opponents is Mark Ryavec—a longtime District 11 dweller, who made his name as a coastal activist when he published an exposé of a political scandal involving Occidental Petroleum chief Armand Hammer and his bid to gain approval for 100 oil wells beneath the Pacific Palisades bluffs in 1985. Ryavec later founded the Venice Stakeholders Association where he currently serves as president.

    The challenger is gaining traction among some Palisadians, who took to the local social networking site Nextdoor to solicit signatures for his candidacy. Palisadian Campbell Britton promised Ryavec would “help bring issues like traffic improvement, better LAPD attention, environmental concerns and a faster and kinder solution for our homeless population to the fore.”

    Ryavec told the Palisadian-Post that he expects to easily surpass 1,000 signatures on his petition, about 100 of which he collected from community members himself in-person. “It allowed me to have different conversations with people about the issues they’re most concerned with around the city,” said Ryavec of the in-person campaigning, some of which he conducted while hiking in Los Liones Canyon above the Palisades.

    The personal approach seemed to resonate: Palisadian Michael Kafka said online that after contacting Ryavec with questions for his campaign, he was pleasantly surprised that the candidate reached out to him directly to discuss his position on a variety of issues at-length.

    Ryavec lists putting an end to “overdevelopment,” “fixing the traffic mess” and protecting the coast and environment as district-wide priorities.

    He also promises to keep his interests local, vowing “not take money from outside of the district.” That’s in contrast to Bonin, who, he claimed, “raised two thirds of his campaign funds from outside of CD 11.”

    Councilmember Bonin’s campaign refuted allegations that his interests and base of support lay outside of the district, telling the Post that, “more than 350 individual residents from the district have donated to his campaign, and over 800 community members and neighborhood leaders, all from the district, have publicly endorsed him.”

  2. Anonymous

    Yesterday’s national election proves that many people are ready for change (apparently, in the White House, for better or worse)… GOOD LUCK MARK!!! I hope the rest of CD11 is as dissatisfied with Mr. Bonin as many Venice residents are at this time. It would be nice to have an older and wiser Councilman that is working for ALL residents, not looking for feathers to put in his hat for future political office runs…

  3. Lee

    I’ll be sending in my $250 for your campaign!

  4. James

    Good for you, Mark. I’ll vote for you.

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