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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Stolen Car Found

Last week it was reported that Robert Yamamoto’s car was stolen from Berkeley at Thatcher about 4 am 24 October. Here is the scenario for the stolen car that was recovered.

“Wanted to let you know I got my car back. I received a voice message Wednesday night from Parking Enforcement Officer Murphy stating my car was now at S & J Wilshire Tow (an Official Police Garage Unit). I picked it up early Thursday morning. It cost me $279.85 for them to release my car to me.

My car was stolen on 10/24. I reported it stolen on the 24th. Parking Enforcement ticketed my car on 10/26 for “No Parking, Street Cleaning” at 4101 W. Country Club Dr. They did not realize it was stolen till 11/02. Contesting the $73 citation.

The inside of my car was a filthy mess. Smell of cigarettes. Ashes in the car. I always keep my trunk locked so they were unable to access it.

The outside of my car was dirty and the front bumper has additional scrapes. I did notice the left side of both license plates were bent forward. We think it was done in an attempt to throw off police license plate scanners looking for stolen vehicles.”

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