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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Do Not Disturb

Mike Benvo of Oxford Triangle captured this at 1 am Friday.

Homeless with bikes loaded with gear block off one of the viewing outlets at the Oxford Basin with cones as if to say “Do Not Disturb.”

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  1. Anonymous

    So the residents of Venice are not allowed to discuss alternatives to Mr. Bonin’s plans? Anything other than giving the Key To The City to each and every homeless person who stops by the beach is considered some sort of hate crime? You, Mr Troll, are the one always touting “Free Speech” in Venice. Well, people on this site are speaking freely… Why do you electronically filibuster and call people names rather than offer suggestions based on facts or experience? I guess THAT is your freedom to act like a jerk.”free speech” but

    • Anonymous

      Hey, “TheEndOfWhiteChristianAmerica600788″ If keeping Venice clean and safe for the homeless is so important, why doesn’t the present local homeless population keep things that way now instead of the pigsty that it becomes every few days??? Why does the beach become a dangerous “no-mans-land” when the sun goes down? Seems to me that little will change about the way homeless people act if only a small percentage get housing and the rest are left on the street with little enforcement because of continuing lawsuits… either you are sent here to incite by yanking resident’s chains, or are truly delusional. The reason most of the “unhoused” came to Venice was to live the pirate lifestyle without rules, and that is the antithesis of “clean & safe.” We just are having a hard time understanding your logic. And what the hell does race have to do with this street camping situation? In my mind, you are a race baiting antagonist, poking at the residents daily on this site – GROW UP!!!

      • Anonymous

        Screw off jerk – Toe to toe with what? A delusional punk ? – Go away, you and Billy Z have now trolled away all of your opposition on YoVenice so there will be no more interaction there, so you remain a thorn in the side of readers on this site – There is no debate – In your mind, you are already the winner… BUZZ OFF BOZO….

      • Anonymous

        Dear Sir Post-a-lot, It mystifies me as to why someone would waste time attempting to alter perceptions of the people reading items on this website with a constant barrage of insults and feisty challenges on another website. Seems counterproductive to me. Also, as someone posted here earlier, what in the world does race, climate change, or any of the other points that you have brought into the discussion have to do with a cleaner and safer Venice? Will this be the continued cry of the self-perceived “we the people” that will be used even after housing is built and programs are developed, in order to keep people living on the street and and the beach? I think we understand your position but besides enjoying having a good argument, what exactly do you want of us?
        Sort of seems like this:

  2. James

    The ‘big box buildings’ (which are not box shaped) are full of apartments, where people who pay taxes live. People who have a right to use and enjoy the public common areas that they’ve helped pay for. Unlike the person in the photo who chooses to live of other people’s sacrifices and hard work while declining social services available to them. This person should be thrown out of the park.

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