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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Code to be Revised to Allow Vehicle Sleeping Only in Commercial/Industrial

Motorhome in front of school. Legal?

Can one sleep/live in a parked vehicle in Los Angeles? Answer: Yes and No.

Question is in reference to Los Angeles Municipal Code 85.02 that used to prohibit people from sleeping/living in their vehicles but was ruled unconstitutional by the court and thus unenforceable.

Councilman Mike Bonin has been plagued by this code from those who want to sleep/live in vehicles and residents who do not want them in front of their homes, their schools. He has come up with what he hopes to be an equitable solution satisfying both the homeless and the residents.

Industrial and Commercial Areas Allowed
Last week the City Council voted 10 to 1 to have the City Attorney draft an ordinance that would allow people who live/sleep in their vehicles to park in areas zoned industrial or commercial. And they would be prohibited from living/sleeping in vehicles parked near homes and schools.

4000 living in vehicles
The designation of areas where it is permissible has allowed the City Council to prohibit living/sleeping in vehicles in residential areas and around schools. City estimates there are 4000 people living in their vehicles.

After the ordinance is drafted, the ordinance will be voted on by the Councilmembers.

Safe Parking Forthcoming
The revised 85.02 will be the forerunner to the Department of City Planning’s and the City Attorney Office’s joint plan to create a structure of “Safe Parking” places in Los Angeles similar to program in Santa Barbara.

This program would allow people to live and sleep in their vehicles in parking areas such as designated for churches, government, and miscellaneous businesses provided vehicle owners enroll in social service programs that would enable them to get off the streets.

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  1. Anonymous

    Thank goodness the BID passed. Wavecrest and Park have turned into total homeless hangouts. I’m disgusted to walk my daughter out to the beach.

  2. Anonymous

    Again, it comes down to enforcement. Has anyone asked Mr. Bonin about how this will affect the Carol Sobel lawsuit in Venice?? How long will it take to implement the social service interaction so it can determine if a street squatter is actually on a program and headed for housing (which seems to be the backbone of the new ruling)or a “lifestyler” intending to live near the beach indefinitely? This is always the rub, because regular rules seem not to apply in the new Boninland Homeless Nirvana… I do know that his intentions are noble, but at who’s expense…

  3. Bruce

    LA Times is reporting today that the LA Council passed the measure yesterday – pending Garcetti’s signature – http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-vehicle-sleeping-ban-20161109-story.html

    • Nick Z

      The BID also passed. For all the Bonin haters, what you are seeing is the City making a real effort to address the homeless issue with HHH and other initiatives, while at the same time trying to find court-proof ways to address some of the more egregious impacts of the homeless/RVers on residents. The courts have basically told the City that they can’t address negative homeless impacts without providing some alternatives for the homeless. If there is any upside to a Trump presidency, his Supreme Court will not find a “right” to camp anywhere you want and store as many “belongings” as you want on public property. If Carol Sobel files any lawsuits, the City should just appeal all the way to the top, not stop at the 9th Circuit, which is the most liberal appeals court in the country.

      • Anonymous

        I’m a resident of Venice and I am affected daily by this. Transients have attempted break in on almost a weekly basis into my property. And they are aggressive. This needs to stop and Bonin needs to be stopped!

  4. Anonymous

    Let’s see if the LAPD ever actually enforce the revised 85.02 in Venice – I’m sure that Bonin (under pressure from social services industrial complex) will put pressure on LAPD to NOT enforce it. Bonin has to go! Let’s take back our neighborhood. In fact, LETS OCCUPY OUR OWN NEIGHBORHOOD. The residents of Venice (homeowners, renters) need to revolt and take down Bonin.

  5. Nick Z

    Good point. Zoning in Venice, and frankly a lot of areas in LA is shallow, so you’ll have a strip of commercial with houses right behind it, less than 100 feet or so away. The ordinance will need to be based not just on zoning but on distance from residential, schools, etc. Hopefully that City Attorney is aware of this, but wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t.

  6. Anonymous

    Sounds promising, But you must remember Venice is all “industrial” – as in the social service industry – This means Third, parts of Fourth, Hampton, Sunset, Venice Blvd, Lincoln Blvd, Washington Blvd, Rose by Penmar Park and the Golf course, etc. and how will Carol Sobel’s lawsuit effect this “solution.” Yep, legal everywhere but Venice…

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