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Comments — 31 October 2016

Ken Holloway

I would like to add to Adam Firestone’s comment. My sister lives in LoDo (Lower Downtown Denver) which is a wonderful area with a great mixed-use environment. Ever since marijuana was legalized in Colorado, she has seen a large increase in the “homeless” population with one dramatic change. Before it was an age diverse group – now the vast majority are young adults who probably closer identify as hippies, and who get stoned, panhandle and sleep wherever they can.
Take the existing problems we have in Venice and add on a very possible passage of Prop 64. If Denver (with it’s weather) has a serious problem, you can just imagine what will happen to Venice.

Also – it’s not realistic to believe that politicians will put their careers at risk by asking other communities to accept an influx of homeless based on a redistribution throughout the city. NIMBY is alive and well and it just won’t happen. In my opinion, until Venice becomes an incorporated city, with elected officials who only answer to its citizens, it will never be able to control this problem. We are part of LA, LA is accustomed to the homeless congregating in Venice and there isn’t a large enough groundswell of “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” movement to make a change.

Think about it – are there any plans currently being implemented which project a substantial reduction in the homeless residing in Venice? Are we not entitled to such an effort – or is Venice pre-determined to always have this problem, which unfortunately is sometimes dangerous, a combination of our great weather, a caring and supportive community towards those in need, a political structure not directly answerable to its residents AND legal marijuana, will result in a very undesirable outcome for Venice.

My opinion.

Jill Prestup

Ref: Stewart Oscars and the gondola in Windward Circle.
Thanks so much for bringing that to our attention. The Venice Historical Society (VHS) has contacted someone who is going to fix this problem.

VHS received a grant from the Abbot Kinney Festival so we are planning to see what we can do about securing the area and raising more money for plants and landscaping. We want people to be proud of the historic ‘Gateway to Venice.’ Any help and suggestions are always welcome.

We do appreciate your concern.

Bob Yamamoto

An auto theft occurred at 4 am Monday 10/24/16. Someone stole my girlfriend’s black, 4-door 1998 Honda Civic from Berkeley at Thatcher. License plate number 6VXR284. A surveillance camera showed a group of men casing the neighborhood in another car, probably Honda. Drove around the area seven times while a white male stole the car. Car gone in 5 seconds.

Also found out that Walgreens sells 10 hypodermic needles for $3.

Darryl DuFay



Reta Moser

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