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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Homeless on Rose at 3rd

Julie is from Fort Bragg and has been in Venice off and on. She is leaving for Riverside Tuesday with Gregory to an apartment that OPCC of Santa Monica found for them. Her boyfriend of late threw her out of the van and she ended up in Venice. She says she has bone cancer and something else. She says thank goodness for St. Joseph because they have been feeding her. Food had been left around the corner so she also had unopened bakery from the box.

Randy came from Bakersfield because of the heat. His dog died the other day. Randy said someone kicked it but people near him said it just died. Don’t know why he is not offered housing. He does drink but that doesn’t matter to some organizations. He said he started out staying at the beach but worked his way to Rose.

Next to Randy were three guys and a gal. The gal had come with her dog across country from New Hampshire. She was running from an abusive boyfriend. She said because she makes a little over $1000 in social security, she does not qualify for housing. She had lived in Redondo Beach as a child.The three guys were just passing thru. One was from Arkansas, one from North Carolina, and one from California.

These four claimed their tents were taken by the garbage people last Friday when they put them on the north side of Rose at 4th.They said they were told to put them there and they had been doing it for several weeks. They said they all went to St. Joseph’s to eat and the stuff was gone when they got back.

The owner of this “stuff” was behind the green tarp.

Melissa was from India she said. I mentioned that she spoke English so well. She told me that she had been kidnapped. She was on something because of her actions. She was looking for her son’s address. No one had mentioned housing to her.

As I moved back onto Rose from 3rd heading to 4th, I spotted Tony. Tony says he has been on Rose for 5 years. No one had ever offered him housing.

This young lady stopped by from North Hollywood to drop off food left over from a party. She was asked if she drove all the way from North Hollywood to do this act of kindness and she answered yes.

Food is dropped off from various places. See boxes of breakfast rolls and sacks of bread and French bread.



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