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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Venice Is Over Concentrated with the Homeless; Ratio is One Homeless to 40 Venetians; Is Venice No 2 for Highest Ratio of Homeless-to-Residents in California?

On Sunset at 3rd.

By Sue Choi

If you are feeling like “it’s never been as bad as it is now” in Venice, what you are feeling is the concentration of the un-housed per resident. It is one very powerful reason we need to stop Bonin’s plan to bring all his homeless initiatives into Venice.

With a homeless population of 33 residents for each homeless person, Santa Cruz is only slightly worse off than Venice, which has 40 residents to each homeless. The national average is 476 residents to one homeless. Do you think cities like Portland or San Francisco are bad? They come in at 166 and 119.

Want a peek at where Bonin is taking us? Or perhaps we are already there. Look at this in-depth 2015 survey of the homeless people in Santa Cruz.


1. Is Santa Cruz your hometown? 61.6% NO

2. Were you homeless when you arrived in Santa Cruz? 68% YES

3. Do you have a diagnosed mental illness? 49% YES

4. Do you think Santa Cruz attracts homeless people? 75% YES

5. Follow up to prior question: Why? After climate, the top answer was BENEFITS AND RESOURCES.

Is this what we want in Venice? How much has already happened? Funding to increase supportive street living is turning Venice into a homeless industry town. Social media quickly identifies which towns tolerate rampant street living.

In this list of global homelessness, note that in SF, half refuse to live in shelters offered to them.


And it’s going to only get worse. SF is considering an option to ship the service resistant out of town.“Proposition Q is a controversial measure that would rid San Francisco of homeless encampments. If passed, the city would give residents of tent encampments 24 hours’ notice to relocate to a shelter or accept a bus ticket out of town. Law enforcement would be permitted to seize tents and other belongings.”

Bonin’s poorly considered plan to do more of what doesn’t work instead of seeking to change the approach to homelessness will attract the people who are least likely be helped. We all know this, yet Bonin insists that 3 new projects (all of them in Venice) will not impact our small community and will not attract more homeless. 

To make a difference, contact Bonin’s office and oppose his three proposed projects, PARTICULARLY IMPORTANT to do so if you are a new voice to this opposition. Documented communication of WIDESPREAD opposition is important.

Bonin’s office: 213-473-7011 and 310-575-8461




Homeless services need to be distributed across all communities. Like all public services (library, post offices, parks) EVERY neighborhood should have a suite of homeless services that aims to get them off the streets. EVERY neighborhood should have the responsibility to help a limited number of people in need, but also the right to serve the people who work hard to house themselves.

Instead of fixed storage, mobile storage and mobile showers is better outreach as more people can participate in this scalable option.

Instead of RV parking in residential neighborhoods, Safe Parking spaces distributed in small clusters should be designated and managed. This is also another opportunity for outreach as zero outreach happens to RV dwellers in residential streets.

Instead of massively expensive new housing, conversion of existing structures should be considered. At a rate of $400-500k per unit, new permanent supportive housing is unsustainable. Other options need to be on the table for permanent supportive housing.

When Bonin is voted out of office, we will have a better brain trust to tackle useful solutions, not more of the same. Until then, his homeless industry takeover plan must be stopped.


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  1. Anonymous

    Last night they ran the “Night Of The Living Homeless” episode on South Park. Now South Park is written by two Venice area locals who took this biting look at the situation. The amazing thing is that it was done in 2007!!! At the end, the boys lead the homeless population out of South Park and off to California with this song… PRICELESS… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2zGFXaPn0o&lc=z133efuo5pbkelm4204cjr15mrf2evzzzsw0k.1412017565924148

    • reta

      South Park at one time in early 2000 was located off Thatcher in Oxford Triangle where the Jefferson-Marina apartments are now. That area had many little manufacturers or businesses. South Park was one of them and they were there a couple years.

  2. Anonymous

    Nick Antonicello posted:
    “The assumption Vexit cannot occur is self-defeating and most of all, not true. If a referendum generates overwhelmingly secession sentiment, will LA actively oppose detachment?”
    YES – A suggestion would be to study what happened when the Valley attempted a few years ago before putting too much time and effort into this admirable idea. It will will take more time than we need to counteract what is going on right now. NOW is the time that the neighborhood groups from all over Venice need to come together and pool resources. At one time it was just people on Rose and OFW, then Penmar became involved when the SJC Day Center moved to Lincoln, then a group formed around the Westminster Senior Center/dog lot encampments, and now The Oxford Triangle and residents around the Venice Blvd areas are concerned about the intended construction. That about covers all of Venice. You will need to organize the same group of concerned neighbors for a Vexit, but it is much more important to get together and do something now – As it is right now, the transient population is increasing in anticipation of increased services and a desire to get some of this pie-in-the-sky beachfront housing (Something that will take years to build). What do we do with the growing population in the mean time? Heidi has studied the better ways to deal with the problem, and the new City/County program sounds encouraging, but these efforts will do little in the face of a situation where law enforcement is court hindered and every person housed is replaced with 3 who are not. Get together and deal with reality, save your dreams for later.

    • Nick Antonicello

      There is a fundamental difference between the Valley secession effort and Venice, and that’s the fact Venice was once it’s own free-standing municipality (1905-1926). The Valley was always part of Los Angeles and had little standing to make the case for detachment. Secondly, the size of that attachment would have created another million plus community! In the case of Venice, we’re talking about 27,000 people being incorporated from LA which is nearly 4 million in population. The impact on LA would be minimal to nonexistent. Venice would continue to receive the same services from LA County as they do as part of LA, so these arguments against Vexit are assumptive and without merit. Smaller communities work better and more efficient. A city of Venice would mean a local grass roots government working 100% of the time on the problems of Venice. If you believe what we have now works, well then continue to fight for the crumbs from downtown. #Vexit

  3. Anonymous

    Nick, yes the plans that are being foisted upon us are deplorable. But, there is very little chance that Venice can leave LA, and even if we could leave the City, we still would be part of the County, and that is about as disfunctional as the City. They also control part of the beach and what are they doing about our plight? Nada. Also, even if all 38K Venetians voted for a Vexit, it would take a majority vote in a Citywide election to secede and frankly it would not win… The Valley tried a few years ago (primarily because they found the schools sub par, as I recall)and lost. Remember, Venice is the beach of LA, and most people who live outside of Venice have no idea what is going on here politically. They bring the family to the beach on the weekend, look at the loonies, have a slice of pizza and a lemonade and go home. They WANT their beach. Residents need to lawyer up and get injunctions to stop and rethink these plans.

    • Anonymous

      We need City Hood and we need to make it happen, we’ve been talking about it for too long.

    • Nick Antonicello

      The assumption Vexit cannot occur is self-defeating and most of all, not true.
      If a referendum generates overwhelmingly secession sentiment, will LA actively oppose detachment?
      To spout broad based opinions as fact is counter productive. The people I speak with want to know more and generally support the idea and want it investigated. How anyone can believe LA can solve these issues after decades of failure leads me to believe Vexit is the obvious alternative for Venetians. #Vexit

  4. Nick Antonicello

    The homeless issue is an unmitigated disaster on Mike Bonin’s watch. We need detachment and secession for Venice to move forward. Only Venice can save itself from this mess! #Vexit

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