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Becky Dennison Says Never Mentioned Jones Settlement

Becky Dennison, executive director of the Venice Community Housing Corporation (VCHC), has clearly stated that she never said the Jones Settlement housing requirement had been met, and furthermore, has stated that she never even addressed the subject, as reported, at the previous Venice Neighborhood Council meet.

Becky Dennison, executive director of Venice Community Housing Corporation (VCHC), said “I never mentioned the Jones Settlement in my comments last week and never ‘admitted’ that the settlement has been met. I never spoke to housing production within the Jones time frame (2006 forward) and, in fact, specifically made my comments about production over the last 25 years. I never spoke to the geography of units produced, which is also critical to the specifics of meeting the Jones settlement. This should not be printed in any news source, as it literally has nothing to do with what I said and grossly misquotes me. There were plenty of other people there who can corroborate.

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  1. Anonymous

    Linda, Are you saying that none of this was ever said? Is Ryavec just making this all up or is there a problem with interpretation? What really was said? Thanks in advance.

  2. Anonymous

    So Ms. Lucks – Instead of calling people liars, provide us with the correct information. All are waiting to hear…

  3. I’m waiting for the Venice Update’s promised retraction of Venice’s own Trump- Ryavec’s screed of lies. Maybe his hearing is going, but many people attended the VNC meeting who did NOT hear:

    Becky Dennison, executive director of Venice Community Housing Corporation (VCHC), admitted at the Venice Neighborhood Council meet this week, during the Proposition HHH discussion, that the City of Los Angeles had satisfied the conditions for the Jones Settlement, according to Mark Ryavec, president of the Venice Stakeholders Association (VSA). LIE!

    Taylor Bazley, Venice deputy for Councilman Mike Bonin, said at an earlier VNC meet that even if the number was met, the council office felt a lawsuit would ensue if enforcement started because the number of homeless has increased considerably. LIE

    Referring to the permanent, supportive housing that would be funded under HHH, Dennison told the Venice Neighborhood Council that “…the city has been building such housing up to now (2000 units citywide)…* LIE

    Since the City was only required to build 1,250 units of permanent, supportive housing to meet the terms of the Settlement, Dennison’s comments legitimize calls for return to 24 hour enforcement of LAMC 41.18, the City’s “no sleeping on a sidewalk” ordinance. LIE

    Hurry back to town Reta- the lying chickens are out of their coop.

    • Anonymous

      Linda, you are such a hack and a shill for the social services industrial complex here in Venice. Why are you legally defaming Ryavec? Is it because he represents the voice of ACTUAL Venice residents – YES. You do NOT, you don’t even LIVE in Venice, you live in MDR. You are grossly and unethically profiting from this coordinated effort to ballon social services at the expense and safety of Venice residents. Do you remember Eun Kang’s murder and murder of her unborn twins on Electric Ave. YES, you do. Nice job. It was a transient with a criminal record or recent break-ins in the area. You defended his right (and others just like him) until he murder my neighbor. Nice job, you have blood on your hands.

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