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CAO to Announce Mid-November Fate of Venice Properties; More City Sites To Be Designated

The fate of the two Venice properties designated for homeless, affordable will be announced mid-November, according to David Graham-Caso, communications director for Councilman Mike Bonin. The City Administrative Officer (CAO) Miguel Santana met with members of Council District 11 Tuesday.

There are 12 sites that were designated earlier this year to be developed by the City for homeless, affordable or sold and monies used for homeless elsewhere. Two of the properties are in Venice and have become the talk of the town for Venetians.

The two properties in question are the Venice Median site between north and south Venice Blvd at Pacific, zoned open space, used as a parking lot, and designated for homeless; and the Thatcher Yard in the Oxford Triangle, formerly used as a public utility yard, and designated for affordable housing.

“I can tell you that 49 developers responded to the request for proposals and qualifications with 73 development strategies (that is the total for all 12 vacant or underused properties throughout the city – not just the two in Venice),” according to David Graham-Caso. “When the CAO reports to the Council in mid-November, the report will include recommendations for either selling the properties or for developers to be given the opportunity to go out to the communities near the properties and try to come up with site-specific proposals for those specific properties.”

The Venice Update has asked the CAO office for the criteria used to determine development or sale but has not been given the information.

“As we have discussed before,” wrote Graham-Caso, “the approval process (if a development is pursued at a site) is one proscribed by law. Like any other development proposal, it needs to go through the various steps of the planning process (neighborhood council, planning commission, council). And in Venice, most projects get appealed to the California Coastal Commission.

“Additionally, the CAO informs us that in the next few months they will be also be examining an additional two dozen properties — in other parts of the city — for potential use or sale for affordable housing.”

Comments (3)

  1. Marie Hammond

    Wouldn’t it be nice if LA released the other proposed homeless housing project locations before LA votes on HHH in the upcoming election. Might change the electorate’s position on this proposition.
    “Additionally, the CAO informs us that in the next few months they will be also be examining an additional two dozen properties — in other parts of the city — for potential use or sale for affordable housing.”

  2. jay cole

    The city properties that Bonnin selected for homeless housing are both inappropriate as they border on r1 ,r2, residential areas . There are many other options in less expensive areas. Am very disappointed in M.Bonnin.


  3. Christian Wrede

    Venice is the only neighborhood in all of Los Angeles in which more than one city-owned lot has been earmarked for housing projects, and in 10 out of 15 council districts no city lots have been selected for housing projects at all.

    Moreover, the Venice Median and Thatcher Yard lots — which sit less than a mile from one another and measure about 220,000 square feet — represent 40% of the total space selected for homeless housing citywide, and 80% of the space Bonin has volunteered for homeless housing in his council district, CD11. By contrast, Venice only accounts for less than 5% of LA’s total homeless population and only about 40% of the homeless population in CD11.

    Finally, the notion that 12 lots have been identified for homeless housing is a convenient fiction fabricated to divert attention from the fact that the City Council’s Homelessness Plan — and Bonin’s Homelessness Plan, in particular — is mostly about turning Venice into a permanent dormitory for SoCal’s homeless (with three housing projects (including the MTA Lot), 24/7 toilets and showers for our burgeoning beachfront encampment, permanent storage, mobile showers, designated overnight parking with toilet facilities, and counseling services).

    The City has identified 8 lots — 4 of them (representing a full 50% of total square footage) are in Bonin’s district and 2 of those, as set forth above, are a mile apart from one another in Venice. Bonin’s flacks only get to 12 by quintuple counting the Lincoln Heights lot — which comprising 5 contiguous parking lots that collectively represent less square footage than the Venice Median lot alone. City documents refer to Lincoln Heights as one lot, and Bonin should, too.

    We should not be forced to live in 3-square-mile homeless encampment. Nobody should. Venice wants to help fight homelessness, but this is obviously unfair. A moratorium should be imposed on all permanent facilities should be imposed until a comprehensive, balanced citywide plan is in place.

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