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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Comments Should Pertain to Articles

Comments are more than welcome, and it is felt, they contribute to the story. Please limit your comments to discussing the issues or articles within the Venice Update. Venice has so many important issues to discuss.

It is impossible for each of you who have not followed the guidelines to be addressed individually because many of you do not give proper contact information.

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  1. Anonymous

    Dear troll “Underpressure” (your latest nom de plume) Only mistake here is your attitude – You are a special sort of hater. Coming in all lollypops and unicorns, sugar coating your attempt to admonish and tisk, tisk your neighbors (and we are sure if you REALLY are a neighbor…)for being genuinely concerned about the safety of their family’s interaction with potentially a VERY dangerous element… Go away, stay away and preach to another choir. Consider one of fellow travelers. Your candy coated uber-liberalism has no place outside of your mind…

  2. Anonymous


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