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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

3rd Ave Friday, Before Cleanup

3rd Avenue between Rose and Sunset has a large number of homeless sleeping on the streets. The homeless have extended on Rose toward 4th. On Sunset they have also grown toward 4th. During the cleanup hours, many of the homeless move their belongings onto Rose and onto Sunset. Bureau of Sanitation comes thru once a week to remove bulky items and trash and sanitize the sidewalks on 3rd. 3rd Avenue is shown ready to be cleaned.

3rd Avenue, east side.

3rd Avenue, west side.

On Rose between 3rd and 4th. Many stay here but there is no planned cleanup for Rose Ave.

This looks like the permanent settlement on Sunset. There is no planned cleanup for Sunset either.

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  1. Anonymous

    VeniceIsForEveryone said: “This site is dirtier than pollution. Clean up the act.” No, this site is indicative of what the people of Venice are thinking… It is for discourse, not admonishment and propaganda… So screw off….

  2. Anonymous

    How can anyone in their right mind confuse immigration with the homeless population in Venice??? And why is it necessary to bring national politics into the mix.. If all of the immigrants left town (primarily east and south LA), and reasonable (or even free..) housing became available, how many of the people presently living on the beach, 3rd and Rose, and in their little hiding places would leave to go there??? Not many, if any… The whole notion is a stupid attempt of explaining why the people in Venice are being forced to live with this BS… And it is all BS…

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