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Neighbors Support Bonin for Re-Election

 Note:  This is the first notification that Councilman Mike Bonin is seeking a second term

LOS ANGELES – In an early demonstration of his widespread support throughout every neighborhood on the Westside, Mike Bonin today announced that more than 700 community leaders and residents in the 11th Council District have endorsed his campaign for re-election.

The remarkable grassroots support, which comes five months before next year’s municipal primary election, includes neighbors, community activists, small business owners, neighborhood council leaders, and people who have worked with Bonin to improve the Westside. Supporters praised his accessibility, hands-on approach, smart and creative thinking, and relentless drive to tackle tough problems.

“I’m thrilled to support Mike because he has been incredibly responsive and has brought City Hall to the Westside,” said Sherri Akers, who serves on the Mar Vista Community Council and is a grassroots environmental activist. “His pop-up office hours and creative events like ‘Hike with Mike’ let people speak with him directly without needing to go downtown. Mike’s approach to government is collaborative, responsive and empowering; and it focuses on getting things done for his constituents. I am proud to be one of many neighbors who are very excited about a future where we continue to work with Mike to put neighborhoods first on the Westside.”

Endorsers noted how Bonin frequently joins and works alongside City work crews to resurface neighborhood streets, install new crosswalks, and clean out clogged storm drains.

”No issue seems too big, or too small, for Mike to roll up his sleeves and get to work on behalf of the people he represents,” said Westchester resident and community leader Rowena Ake. “From basics services like filling potholes and trimming trees to advocating for seniors and school children, Mike has fought for the things that matter most to neighbors throughout the Westside. We are proud to have his back and enthusiastically endorse him for re-election.”

Neighbors described Bonin as a creative problem-solver who works hard to build consensus, doing whatever it take to make Westside neighborhoods stronger and more vital.

“Mike has been an incredibly accessible representative to the people he represents and has taken on the many tough issues that matter most to our neighborhoods – always talking them through with residents,” said longtime Brentwood resident Nancy Freedman. “Even when confronting contentious and challenging issues, Mike shows a clear passion for addressing serious topics like traffic and development, and his creativity in finding common-sense solutions that make life better for people in our neighborhoods makes it very easy to enthusiastically support Mike’s re-election to the City Council. Additionally, he has put together an extraordinary staff who reflect his effort to serve his constituents.”

Supporters praised Bonin for a willingness to confront even the thorniest of issues, focusing on how policy impacts the lives of his constituents.

“Mike is a real leader who takes on the issues that make a real difference in people’s lives,” said Melissa Grant, a prominent civic leader in Pacific Palisades. “By raising the minimum wage, building mass transit, and crafting real solutions to homelessness, Mike is making real, lasting and positive change for Los Angeles and its neighborhoods.”

Bonin said he was enormously grateful for the strong show of support.

“I am a community organizer and a relentless advocate for Los Angeles’s neighborhoods, so this level of support from the people I represent is humbling and heart-warming,” Bonin said. “As a public servant, I am only as effective as my partnerships with the people I represent. The success we have had in launching neighborhood improvement projects, hiring more firefighters and improving how we deliver services is the result of strong and productive neighborhood partnerships. By working together, I know we will continue to move Los Angeles forward, do good, and get things done.”

A full list of the hundreds of community supporters who have endorsed Bonin’s re-election effort can be found below and at www.mikebonin2017.com/community_support. Neighbors can join the growing list of supporters at www.mikebonin2017.com/endorse_mike.

The hundreds of community supporters join the Sierra Club – the nation’s oldest and largest environmental organization – in supporting Bonin’s re-election. Find out more about Mike Bonin and his campaign for re-election at www.mikebonin.com.


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  1. Anonymous

    The Venice community surely doesn’t support Bonin’s actions to put our families and kids in more danger.

  2. Anonymous

    Yeah, He is a “creative problem solver” alright. Send all of the problems to Venice!!!

    • Anonymous

      We need to be independent from this guy. The senior center has started everyday at 7 a.m. since June and they are really going forward and well on their way to creating a nightmare near our children’s school and our dog park. Transients have their tents in the park and swarming in.

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