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Mark Ryavec Sets Up Committee of Neighbors to Consider His Run for City Council

Mark Ryavec, president of Venice Stakeholders Association and a longtime community activist with a history of coastal protection and public service, has announced the formation of a committee of residents to assist him in considering a run for the LA City Council District 11 seat.

“I am encouraged that so many of my neighbors here in Venice are supporting my interest in the race,” Ryavec said. “I think that indicates dissatisfaction with the incumbent.”

“If I get into the race, my message will be that I will listen principally to residents, not special interests,” Ryavec said. “The incumbent is captive of developers – such the Martin Cadillac family in WLA, Rick Caruso in the Palisades, and the Archer School in Brentwood. He also tilts towards the city bureaucracy and homeless advocates, against residents.”

Ryavec has lived almost his entire life on the Westside and has made a considerable contribution to his community, as an advocate for coastal and marine protection, seniors, tax equity, public safety and neighborhood improvements. He is a life-long Democrat.

He was born in St. John’s Hospital while his parents were living in Mar Vista, attended schools in Santa Monica and then graduated from UCLA. He obtained a Masters Degree in urban studies from a joint program of Occidental College and the Coro Fellows Program. He has lived in Venice for 28 years. Ryavec has worked as a legislative analyst for the Los Angeles City Council, as chief deputy assessor for LA County, and as an advocate for No Oil, Inc., American Oceans Campaign, Writers Guild of America, and Venice residents, to name a few. He is currently one of the opponents of Proposition HHH, the homeless housing tax, which he believes can be funded from future city revenues instead of imposing a new property tax. He also favors the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative, which will be on the March, 2017 ballot.

The members of the committee:

Jenny Cooney
Stewart Oscars
Vicki Halliday
Nikoletta Skarlatos
Michael Israel
Tom Chou
Rick Swinger
Julie Milligan
Christopher Berger
Norman Ollestad
Vivian Cole
Gary Harris
Brandon Guthrie
David Ritch
Russ Cletta
Harry Gundersen
Natasha Watson
Joseph Folendar
Loren Grossman
Pietro Martini
Angela McGregor
Salman Hussain
Gerald Selvo
M. H. Betti and M. L. Betti
Eg Mahan
Jill Marti
Elisabetta Mauri
Ed Barger
Katrina Glusac
Patrick Costello
Travis Binen
Edward Wilson
Simon Watts and Grace Lee
Marc Gardner
Jutta Romero
Don and Grace Gehman
Peter Benson
Sylvia Boyd
Pamela Bower
Donald Brunelli
Abba Al Meftah
Lauren Siegel
Bruce Favish
Janne&Jack Kindberg
Lisa Lubchansky

Comments (8)

  1. Ilovethehomeless

    This list of Ryavec’s “Committee” is the entire list of people who would vote for him . And that is why he keeps threatening to run but never does.

  2. DoingItAllInVenice

    It doesn’t really matter to me. You can call me troll, and cuss at me on this site. You already deleted most of my “opinions”. I would hate to see how you would treat me in person. I can imagine it would be worse. I can only imagine it in my head how the turn out would be. Now I can imagine how you feel about the homeless, low income, blacks, latinos, and people on the verge of homelessness. You can’t back it up anymore because you’ve let your true colors out already a long time ago. You want a day of peace for yourselves and haven’t figured out a way to streamline it yet for eternity. Don’t forget Venice is for everyone not just yourselves. You will just have to end up like me and learn it the hard way.

    • Anonymous


    • Alan H

      How about 1.3 Billion for people like me who have worked hard their whole lives to just get by but could never get that savings together for a down payment on a home. Imagine all the open apartments available for section 8 housing if 20% down payment of 1.3 Billion was made available for that purpose. I think the real divide is just the opinion that we should give access to jobs so the homeless can support themselves like everyone else as opposed to giving them free housing without asking for anything in return. No money for services to help them transition to self sufficient lifestyle is a real issue and point of concern.

    • Anonymous

      Doingitallinvenice, you can’t put all hard working people in the same category of people who just want to impose on others. That is what you are doing daily.

  3. DoingItAllInVenice

    I remember when this guy was afraid to walk through Oakwood. That’s ok, we all know he doesn’t stand a chance.

  4. Anonymous


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