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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Really? — Mommy, Daddy Explain This

(Photo by Heidi Roberts.)

Motor home parked at Westminster Senior Center across the street from Westminster Elementary School that teaches 400 children a day under age 11. This picture is in full view of any child walking to and fro the school.

The oversize vehicle signs have been ordered and supposedly have had a rush put on them.

Taylor Bazley on 26 August wrote: “Westminster and the North side of Main bordering the park have been petitioned for and signs are in the process. We have made it as abundantly clear as possible to the DOT that the signs along Westminster are the highest priority signs for our constituents so we are hopeful they will be erected soon.”

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  1. Lee

    There is a second RV with this same graphic on it’s side in Venice. I guess a big FU to our Venice neighborhoods after already taking up 3-4 of our limited parking spaces.

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