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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Starbucks Closes Restroom at Beach; Codes Others


Starbucks at Pacific and Washington has closed its restroom to the public. Some other Starbucks restrooms will have coded locks installed.

The beach Starbucks reported persistent problems with people locking themselves in, using it as a drug opportunity, etc. It was explained by one employee that the fire marshall and the department of health, the city totally permitted closing the restroom for public use. Restroom at beach now says “Employees Only” with a coded lock. Another Starbucks employee explained that there were public restrooms at the beach.

The Starbucks shops with coded locks.

It was further stated that the other 12 Starbucks coffee shops in the Starbucks district will have coded locks installed.

Owner of the Cow’s End Glabe Hartley says unless you have sit-down service, one is not required to provide a public restroom.

Walgreens' storeroom door.

Walgreens’ storeroom door.

Other proprietors have complained to Venice Update of drug overdoses in their public restrooms. One such place was Walgreens at the corner of Lincoln and Washington Blvd. Now all of their doors, including restroom, leading out of main display area have coded locks.

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