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Granny Units Get Easier … Is It Goodbye to R-1 Zoning

Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday (4 Oct) signed Senate Bill 1069, making the so-called “granny units” easier and less expensive to build throughout the state. Should one wave goodbye to R-1, the single-family dwelling, zoning? Read article.

Under the new law, which takes effect in January, water and sewer agencies would be prevented from charging hookup fees for accessory dwelling units (ADU) built within an existing house or an existing detached unit on the same lot. Local agencies also cannot impose parking rules for certain ADUs, including those located within a half-mile from public transit, or units that are part of an existing primary residence.

Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous

    C’mon “DoingItAllInVenice” – What is the point of taking this attitude with the readers on this website? – And who cares what YOU think??? It is the same old crap, over and over again – Granny units have been part of the Venice scene for decades. In fact, the LA Housing’s SCEPT program was set up in order to inspect for dirt-floor garages and former sundecks and backyard shacks without proper plumbing and close them down for unsafe and unsanitary conditions… What this REALLY will mean is NOT additional housing for your low income/homeless folks, but instead additional units for the Air B&B hucksters., as well as; Do you think these will be reasonably priced??? $1600/month 500 sq.ft. “Studios” with a “kitchen area” and no garage… There will be more reasonable housing, but it ain’t gonna be in Venice… You are either delusional or putting us on, but in any case, a tedious waste of bandwidth.

  2. DoingItAllInVenice

    That’s exactly what we need in Venice. We need these granny units for more affordable housing for the low income/homeless. Pamela Day is already in the works of adding affordable housing in Mar Vista, or get the plans going at least. We are in the midst of a rebirth of Venice and the Westside. Making the westside for everyone to enjoy is the main objective. And we are doing it all in Venice too.

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