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Food Truck in Residential Neighborhood, Parked in Red

Food truck is shown parked in red, in residential neighborhood.

By Amy Alkon, syndicated columnist and Venetian

Laws against food trucks selling in residential neighborhoods apparently don’t apply to the Kogi truck! Here they are on the corner in our neighborhood near Abbot Kinney this afternoon, parked in the red. No, it’s no longer our neighborhood — it’s a giant cafeteria and disco.

Disco? Yes, I’m talking about The Brig, blasting its music with the whole front of the bar open and waking the neighborhood the other morning at 1:30 am. What, close the front of the bar so only the people inside hear the music–and it isn’t audible in people’s pillows? Why, they might make slightly less profit that way! Can’t have that happen!

There are some wonderful businesses here–Urban Escape, Abbot’s Pizza, Abbot’s Habbit, and the smoke shop are among them. These are businesses run by people who act like neighbors instead of running roughshod over we who live around here (with noise, trash, etc.) in order to make more money.

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  1. Daryl

    Regarding the Kogi Food Truck – it should be clarified that the Kogi Food Truck comes every Saturday at the same time and parks in the Brig parking lot where their fans are waiting for them. This one time they parked on the street because there was a Tesla auto show and demonstration in the parking lot and no parking on the street, so they parked in the red zone to feed their fans for a period of time.

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